1. I’m 37 and I still shred. Find a buddy to play with and get better together. That’s what I normally do on the Show especially.

  2. I hit a couple autos but my best hit was probably a soto /25 rainbow foil. That same blaster had an instavision and an auto

  3. Pulled a /5 Eric Davis on card auto from Stadium Club retail this year.

  4. Pulled a T-Law black Prizm out of chronicles once. So that was cool.

  5. Have him check on the inside of the cover. If the McFarlane spawn face logo has ink splotches on it, it’s an even rarer copy.

  6. That’s definitely the rope that’s connected to the life preserver, hitting the water.

  7. Why the fuck would he jump off of a cruise ship in the middle of the night on a dare? Kid was not intelligent.

  8. All Walmarts have those blasters at that price

  9. Worth noting that the price is the same for those on Walmarts website as well.

  10. Especially when you consider the other player could be a young child.

  11. Just a little advice: Get off the game, develop some actual game, and lose your virginity before you do something truly psychotic.

  12. Maybe don’t spread falsities about a dead person. He wasn’t intoxicated at all.

  13. pseudo-math, none of that actually means anything

  14. Vic the Butcher comes to mind, but there are a couple heavy songs.

  15. This is my vote for heaviest and I’m shocked to see so few mentions of it.

  16. That's exactly what happened to town east and town west malls in Wichita. People stopped going because the gangs would circle each other looking for a reason to shoot each other.

  17. Was literally in Towne East a few months ago and it was busy like it was the early 2000s. Tons of families. Zero drama. Yes I’m aware of the shooting that happened a year or so ago, but don’t act like it’s a dead mall because that’s completely false. As far as Towne West, that mall has been dead for DECADES.

  18. Kelce is an absolute monster but he will probably need to play past 40 to catch Tony G on total yards and Tony did it on way worse teams with awful quarterbacks throwing him the ball.

  19. The awkward moment where no one is sure if this is photoshopped until we google other pictures of her to refresh our memories.

  20. No she’s not supportive of me having a room either she complains about that constantly as well. I let her decorate the entire house on all levels and you’re telling me it’s a problem that I put up my Batmobile display. If anything has compromised here it’s me for letting her do that and If anyone’s getting thrown under the bus it’s me.

  21. ‘I let her decorate the house on all levels’ - says the guy who quite obviously (from his own pictures) decorated the FUCK out of the ‘theatre area’ (see: THEIR living room)

  22. Dawn dish soap and water on a rough washcloth + some elbow grease. Allow to dry. Enjoy.

  23. Toney is moving SO nicely. Training staff may indeed have figured out how to condition his body to keep him healthy 🤞

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