An open rant to a supermorbid obese patient

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  1. Thanks! I might just have to use some pto instead…

  2. Yeah see if you can put in for your last day at the old unit and then tell them you are taking pto for 2 weeks after that. Have the old unit submit the pto and you should be good to go.

  3. OR nursing sounds like my gig, but after working 3 days/week for the last decade, I just can't wrap my mind around five 8s 🥲

  4. Usually only surgery centers do 5 8s. Most hospital 12s or 10s for OR

  5. It’s not for sure because he has his ears checked about two weeks ago and he had been spiking fevers then

  6. Ear infections can come on fast. My kids were sick for a week or so with fevers, snot and cough . Took them to the drs and they said just a virus, nothing we can do, come back if it gets worse. By Monday they weren’t better so we went back and they said “now it’s an ear infection “ and gave us antibiotics.

  7. Good luck! I hate ear infections but at least there’s medication for them and you feel like you are able to do something to help them

  8. Try Costco pharmacy if there’s one nearby. They price differently

  9. That happened to me with both of my pregnancies. Pregnancy induced hypertension they called it. With my first it got up to 160/100 and I was induced 10 days early. With my second it didn’t get as high and I was induced only a week early. I had no other symptoms but before I was discharged from the hospital they did do an ekg on me and everything was fine. My BP went back to normal a few months after birth. I actually didn’t mind being induced. The induction took a while with my first but I got my epidural early and was able to chill (as much as I could in a hospital) and then it was much faster with my second.

  10. Thanks for sharing that. This is my first pregnancy so my nerves are definitely getting the best of me. I have an appointment with my new providers tomorrow and I’m hoping to gain more clarity from that.

  11. Benadryl has been shown to more often keep kids awake.

  12. Yeah I have the melatonin liquid drops for my 3 year old. He takes liquid meds fine but throws a fit for the gummies or chewable ones. I think children over the counter Benadryl is only for 6 years and up anyways.

  13. Go though pumping essentials . It’s a website that does all the legwork for you. Just fill out your info and they contact your drs office for a prescription and your insurance and everything for you. They will let you know what kind of pump you qualify for.

  14. I tried them, I have three different insurances and I guess there was no affiliation with any of them.

  15. How weird! Then yeah definitely contact your insurance company directly or check their website for more info. I think like the other people said you are entitled to a new pump per kid.

  16. I’ve done that. It sucks! Ended up being broken. Got a splint for it at the urgent care. Had to take a week off work cause I couldn’t fit in my work shoes or walk without a limp. Make sure you get a drs note to miss work!

  17. I had gestational hypertension with both pregnancies and was induced about 10 days early with each. No other symptoms of pre eclampsia and bp about the same as yours. Both inductions were great! No problems. Got my epidural as soon as I started feeling anything and had a great experience.

  18. That is ridiculous. Definitely switch and get your money back. All obgyn offices should have an on call dr or an answering service for after hours questions. There’s shouldn’t be a separate fee.

  19. The 3 year old is in preschool but the 1 year old is home with me. We hang out with my niece on the weekends who is in daycare during the week. But yeah someone is always catching something and spreading it around to the rest of us.

  20. One hospital I worked at had an incident report type system that we were encouraged to use for “any event that occurs that is out of the ordinary”. From anything like a missing surgical instrument, needle stick or bad physician behavior. These reports were reviewed by the department heads and a lot of the time were used for making cases against doctors or reoccurring behavior like that.

  21. Yep. I wrote up a midas report twice on the same surgeon who I witnessed throwing instruments. Was like "better calm your boy before someone gets hurt. Homie don't play that shit..peace out."

  22. I got one with a built in seat and soon realized that there is no “cup” thing in it for the boys. Maybe a girl would have better luck but for my boy and the flat seat the pee gets everywhere. We need the cup pee catcher part.

  23. I hauled mine around for years and then finally donated them to my city library

  24. Does that require a land-line, or how does Alexa do the actual calling?

  25. Oh, this morning my 3 year old puked everywhere, found out my dad has covid, my grandparents could have covid and my 6 month old scratched his ezcma on his face and sliced his cheek..

  26. I hope it was just a regular vomit and not one caused by a stomach flu. My daughter had it a few days ago and passed it on to me, my wife, my brother, his wife, their daughter, and our baby massage therapist.

  27. Oh no! Hope you all feel better soon. I thinks it’s just regular old spit up for us. Both my kids have always been spitters :/

  28. I’m sure the fellowship program will teach you everything you need to know about working in the OR. When I was trained for OR the program we used was periOp 101 through the AORN. I did med/surg for about 5 years before switching to OR. It’s so much better!

  29. I work in the OR. Patient was getting debrided and skin grafts placed after being dragged by a car. Was probably their 2nd or 3rd procedure. Was told by the attending ‘the harder you scrub during prep the less skin I have to surgically remove during debridement’

  30. My company does not offer FMLA because we have 49 employees, not 50 which is the legal requirement for offering it

  31. In California if there is less than 50 employees then you would qualify for Paid family leave (pfl). Exactly the same as fmla just a different name.

  32. Noah swallowed. All the bravado was gone in an instant. "Why?" He choked on the word, stumbling backwards.

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