1. I have no judgement over occasionally drinking but someone that drinks a lot definitely is not in the right headspace. I think it’s best for you to find someone that is healthy

  2. If you already have concerns about how this relationship is going, then I think it may not be the one. You want to be in a relationship where you have no doubt in your mind that you guys are meant for each other. Dating should be filled with excitement

  3. I wish I had that problem :/ honestly if you don’t want him anymore it’s time to just be honest with him. That will hurt him less than you ignoring him.

  4. This could go many ways. Please update us upon your return.

  5. It could just be a dried mess, it could attract bugs, it could be gooey and smelly, it could grow fungus...

  6. You might want to change the people you speak with

  7. You really didn’t think that by yourself?

  8. I feel exactly what you feel. It’s not even about how much the gift costs either. It’s the thought and the romantic idea behind it.

  9. Jesus if 10min is too long i would be afraid off the sexual issues with him overall 😅

  10. It seems like you don’t want to stop even though you know it can go further than a platonic relationship. You have to evaluate how you feel

  11. Tell her parents, it’s not healthy for both of you. If you fear for her life u can go to the police department and explain the situation. It’s not your job to take care of her anymore

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