1. This makes no sense, I don’t understand the problem

  2. The problem is that for every 1$ spent you only get 1 rewards point, and it cost 250 points to get a free medium drink. So I think OP is saying it’s ridiculous to have to spend 250$ to be rewarded a 2.50$ drink!

  3. I work night shift too and couldn't imagine having to expect someone to come while I'm sleeping, that's scary.. like when do you sleep!!!

  4. People think everyone’s asleep at night I stg

  5. Middle clock work? How much you looking to get for it? How much for the set of three?

  6. he ended up giving it away to a coworker, offered it to a bunch of people until someone said sure. he got the new xbox and decided don’t want his old one and i suppose if karmas real he’s getting some good luck after this

  7. Travel alarm clock, probably from the 50s-60s. I have a similar one, but it's from a company called Seth Thomas and it's red.

  8. Oh that’s pretty cool, it says made in japan

  9. I make $25+ at walmart. I was coming from one that was paying $11 2500 miles away. In that area my rent was 1600 a month in a randown trailer between meth labs. Now, I pay 1800 a month for a bigger apartment and in an affluent area.

  10. Jeez man I’m about to be paying 1300 for the most luxury apartment you can get :0 sorry to hear

  11. Yea, basically girl willing to be nice to the PL got whatever schedule they wanted. When I overhear a couple of new hires complaining about full weeks I practically kicked the PL door down looking for the spindly bastard. Eventually another dude caught him shopping and tried to whoop his ass. Bastard hid in the SM office till he left cause he couldn’t face a asswhopping.

  12. This. I could just easily ask why you’d want to ride the line like that.

  13. Man they kept this guy quiet, sad to admit I didn’t get into his music until after his passing. Top 3 100%

  14. So what even if they are just trying to make money, everyone is trying to make money. Mac miller himself was trying to make money, that’s the goal broski, same with Wally world they need that bread too, and if that means appealing to an Audience of mac fans than so be it, just be hype that Macs name isn’t irrelevant.

  15. Nobody is buying Farkas over priced bull, that's why no one is taking about the mold issue. If some does complain I'm sure they are taken care of. I saw one guy said klutch cash app hom money that is the first I've seen them honoring a refund. Tell me why klutch stopped putting the qr code for coa's on there new stuff that tells me they can't get it under control and are just pushing through more bullshit. I was a huge klutch fan bought everything they grew till JDOG even emailed thinking I was helping was told how wrong I was and that I really didn't know what I was talking about. That's why they get so much hate when people wanted there money back were told to fuck off.

  16. Haven’t had one FARKA strain and I say it proudly

  17. Exactly..Not going to name drop,but at one of the dispos I go to has some of the coolest budtenders there are. One guy in particular will talk about strains for days with me..never rushing me...Anyways,a new drop was about to hit and his manager was standing across the room. He told me to go wait outside a couple minutes after I checked out. He actually came outside about 5 minutes later and told me when it was going to drop. This is the kind of treatment that keeps me coming back. Theres a MUCH higher chance at tomfoolery happening before the product hits the dispo then at the actual dispo. Its just not worth it. I wonder why theres so many deleted posts ITT?

  18. But how do I get on the good side of this? Open my own dispo? Work for the cultivator? Who are the people that are getting these buds fresh off the plant?

  19. I’ve enjoyed it, it’s too much of a heavy crash on the come down to be a daytime sativa for me.

  20. Agreed, hits almost too hard, might be better in smaller dosage, I’m gonna try that and lyk

  21. Yo I care, I’ve been wanting this exact situation to happen, did you not see that woman that got accused of shoplifting by LP and then got awarded 10M in court or something crazy, (not exactly sure how much she got, but it was definitely in the millions) look into that more and false arrest is now on record so really you should look into a lawyer or at least ask a lawyer for some advice!

  22. Something must have happened with her job. I was told that I needed to lose something in order to sue them. Plus, back in 2007, social media was still in its infancy. If that had happened now, being able to spread that shit would be enough to get money from them.

  23. No one should be able to force you to do anything. In any aspect of life. But that's on you.

  24. You should ship me some, I want to try the green honey!

  25. Just be happy that minor associate doesn’t have your Reddit 🤣

  26. Every store is required to have at least one register open because you cannot sell tobacco through the Self Checkout, so make up whatever shit you want but there is always at least one register open.

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