AITA for not acting impressed by my wife's " accomplishment?"

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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  1. Honestly, either pronunciation makes sense. Megan is “me+gan” in the UK, and “Meg+an” in the US. Meg is a common nickname for it, and it rhymes with “beg”.

  2. Kibble. She likes it and it’s vet recommended for what her medical needs are.

  3. YTA. Showers and baths exist. Your brother is perfectly capable of taking a few to wash any smell off of him.

  4. Idk then.. Im not the one in control of the dog unfortunately and the previous vet who euthanized simply came to the house and did it. I just wanted to get an opinion from professionals on here, Im torn on it because her quality of life is going downhill and we do not have the $ to be throwing at it

  5. Idk if this is an option for you or not… but we’ve bought doggie diapers for our dog who almost died from surgery complications. Now, it is managed with medication. Pee pads and/or doggie diapers can help.

  6. Probably shouldn’t get things written or tattooed on you if you don’t know what it means…

  7. Google translate, look for any names, then look those names up. That would be my suggestion for trying to find out the answer

  8. Use it. Just use the actual finger tape, not some made up thing like stickers. Those are a PAIN to get off.

  9. Does your daughter have a hairdresser that can take care of her hair? Maybe they can show you how to care for it.

  10. I agree, I made a post a bit ago about my disappointment that LSF didn’t have an original greeting.

  11. YTA. She put her life on hold for you. The least you can do is be happy for her. The LEAST.

  12. The second 7.5 quake was not an aftershock.

  13. Legit question- how can someone differentiate between a large aftershock and a completely different earthquake?

  14. (I’m assuming you know about the

  15. Thank you so much! So since it was bigger than the first one, it is a separate event.

  16. NTA. It’s not like a vacation, it was a funeral for your sister, BIL, and his sister. And you left her SIL to help take care of her as well. Your wife was being selfish and heartless. I hope that in the future, she will look back and recognize that what she did was not okay.

  17. Yeah, i still waitting the moment i can just avada kevdara my problem lol

  18. I’m a woman and is therefore choosing agency based on their girl groups only . Would never want to join SM if I was a man. Wouldn’t want to risk being NCT’s 25th member lol.

  19. Very good explanations, and I agree with most of it. The only part I disagree with is starship over cube. As far as I know (I could be wrong) there hasn’t been documented abuse with cube (again, I could be wrong, please don’t be mean if you need to correct me) but there has with starship.

  20. There was a member of WJSN with a severe phobia of water that was forced to do an underwater photo shoot I think.

  21. She has no tail as it was amputated due to suspected cancer. She isn’t overweight, or unhealthy in any other way. She’s an indoor kitty. She is happy and well looked after. I inherited her from my great granny, and she is 9 years old. Please someone tell me what this issue is. I’ve had her for 2 weeks and loved her since I was a child. I never noticed this issue till now and neither did anyone else. Is she going to suffer from this? Please please help

  22. When you are at the vet, check on her weight and ask them if she is overweight. From the picture, she looks like she could be.

  23. Wow wanted to get to know an opinion about a specific event and everyone judges my personality. Cool.

  24. I don’t know my birth parents, so I can’t compare. But I do think about this topic a lot.

  25. He can’t iron, I tried to teach him and it didn’t work - his tops need ironing otherwise he doesn’t look presentable and he gets aggy and when he gets aggy so do I, he does have headphones so I don’t know why he insists on playing music out loud - I’ve asked.

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