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  1. I beat him with an ultra league Lucario. Just keep spamming p.u.p. Keep in mind that you have to time throwing your move.

  2. DOST-SEI doesn't offer scholarships for nursing, sadly.

  3. There's an abrupt pause when you're in your teens then eventually you'll go trick or treating again with your college buddies and then stop at graduation

  4. Unnecessary animation are kinda annoying to deal with especially if you play in the go battle league.

  5. It has a boosted 1/10 shiny chance today, so no bug. You're just lucky

  6. Your partner went to therapy and I think you should too. It's a huge relief once you untangle all that strung up stuff that you've been keeping, trust me.

  7. By my experience, when you use a pokemon with two-turn fast moves and below they tend to lag like crazy. Try using pokemon with 3 turn and above fast moves like confusion, incinerate, and charm. PS. There is still lag when you use them but at least it can be playable to a certain extent.

  8. The amount of lag in gbl right now is crazy. I dropped 200 points just testing if the game is playable.

  9. You could earn mega energy by making it your buddy however, since it wasn't mega evolved you can't get those energy. You have to wait for the rotation again

  10. They literally removed it last update

  11. And it all started with an "A"

  12. Take it from a local tourist: Don't waste your time travelling to numerous places if you have a relatively short timeframe. All that traveling will leave you exhausted and you'll never be able to enjoy the place itself.

  13. When was it turned off? I caught my shiny binacle on May 19

  14. Dude thinks androids still have removable batteries lmao

  15. Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng lamig ng panahon

  16. They're gonna say that guns are cool... Until a quiet kid put some bullet holes in their children at school.

  17. Don’t say quiet kid, I mean, it really isn’t always the quiet ones

  18. Forgot about the florida man mb

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