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  1. no, hes still learning. clearly his edit shows hes a step up, now he just has to take another step to learning

  2. That's why we are calling him out, for him to know his mistake. Not really for OP but for his poor wife. Sometimes, you need to use harsh words to wake someone up and clearly this guy needs it because he still doesn't get it after hundreds of messages. He's a grown man, not a child. Not everything should be spelled out gently for him.

  3. eh, you could be right, but thats for the future and people around him to decide

  4. Again, I'm not upset that he doesn't know something. I already stated that in my first reply to you. I don't know why you keep on saying that.

  5. I don't see this as something negative, as long as maayos yung compensation and treatment sa kanila. Isn't this a good step towards fighting ageism? Hindi ba dapat mas manormalize nga na kahit anong edad, basta adult and capable pa naman pwedeng magtrabaho? Ngayon pag late 40s to 50s ka na mahirap.

  6. Ganito yung nangyari sa classmate ko nung college. First time mag DQ. Ang sabi kasi, babaliktarin lang, e siya tinaktak. Obviously, di magstay yun. Haha

  7. I really didn't think that someone actually speaks this way (like mmm...kay?). I thought it was just clichรฉ in American movies (I'm not from the US). The way she's speaking and trying hard to sound younger is really irritating.

  8. It looks cute. I think the tie needs to be longer and a bit thinner though.

  9. It's really unprofessional to say things like that, no matter what his intention was.

  10. You can still wear a mask if you want to. It's a personal choice.

  11. Why can't people just mind their own business? I don't think there's one "right" way or time to do these things (as long as adult na ha). Depende sa tao yan. May gustong mag-asawa ng maaga, merong late, merong ayaw mag-asawa at all. Walang mali sa choices na yun at wala ring mas nakakaangat. Lahat naman may advantag3s and disadvantages. Ang importante ay pag may pinili ka, panindigan mo at maging responsable ka.

  12. Can you try explain this more to me? I mean, men have to make the first move and "court" no matter what country, it's like that everywhere so I don't understand how that is THE reason for women staying single in your country. Maybe it's like this, men there don't want to marry and women there are very conservative about modern hookup culture?

  13. No, as I've said most men are married or have had partners/children. Mostly, it's just gay men who stay single in old age because we don't have same sex marriage and many of them are still closeted too.

  14. Interesting, why do you think these guys that are even ugly and from slums can actually have girlfriends easy in your country? What specific trait/s makes them that desirable?

  15. I don't find them attractive so I can't answer what makes them desirable. Lol

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