1. Probably pretty fast. If you take a .05 hit that would be 20 hits out of the g. A bit every 15 minutes it would last you 5 hours.

  2. I'm a good listener. Hmu. Similar age and story.

  3. This person should be eternally grateful. Hopefully they never realize how grateful they should be. Disaster averted for now.

  4. Man I tell ya the more i learn about him, this Adolf Hitler fella was a real jerk

  5. He was actually a great guy. Never meddum but I heard it bolf waze

  6. Wow, my wife looks just like you from the neck down. Reminds me of how lucky I am. Such a sexy look. I can't understand how guys like a shaved pussy. This is how a woman should look. Keep posting, I thank you for doing so.

  7. It trips me out so much because I REFUSED to watch Kazaam because it was a ripoff of z Shazaam.

  8. This is my thought as well. I was a huge Shaq fan. Had his book as a kid and I never read anything. When Kazaam came out I was like, why the hell would Shaq do a movie just like the Sinbad movie that came out not that long ago. Refused to watch it myself.

  9. Find a methadone clinic. Hang around during dosing hours and approach someone who you think you can talk to. Offer them money to hook you up.

  10. I agree with your assessment. Immediately I was suspicious that this was a legitimate post. Why would someone create a throwaway and go through half a dozen + attempts to warn people whilst failing for over two weeks?

  11. To go along with this thought, this guy I know has stolen over 20 grand in the last 4-5 months from Walmart. I know that might sound like an exaggeration, but someone was to keep track I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was double that. He has taken 3-5 TV'S a week for 4-5 months. That's not including everything else.

  12. When I was a kid I remember getting crap on my finger and trying to wipe it on the cornucopia because it would blend in the best there because it was brown. No one can convince me that it was never there.

  13. I keep a water bottle in my car. Not bottled water but a bottle I bought that's dark. It hasn't happened to me yet but I would dump my crack in the bottle. As for the stem, I would attempt to toss it out the window.

  14. Could be posted every day and it wouldn't be too many times. Just wait for the day for him to say it was fake and he was being funny.

  15. She may have tipped well but she is still saying she expects you to make less money to bring her food. If she is that concerned how fast she gets it she can always go pick it up. I would have taken longer after that comment. I would assume the tip is going to be taken away anyways.

  16. I would pull out my cock and bust a nut as I pull it out because you are way too sexy for me. Then spend the next 4.5 minutes trying to convince you that never happens and try to convince you to give me another try. Then I would walk out feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

  17. When i start reading or looking at something i dont like or enjoy it, i swipe it away at the same time i realize i dont like it, but thats just me, some people (you) like you complain about it, i have a right to post as much as you do, go take a hit and ignore stiff you dont ike

  18. Don't sweat it. I don't see how this is showing off. You posted 4 stems. 4 may be excessive but I keep 3 in rotation. If people are not using more than one they are missing out. I could see how some people may find this helpful. Maybe they never thought of having more than 1. You don't have to wait for one to cool down to get a hit. If one breaks your not assed out. You could lose one and be screwed. Shit someone may ask you to use your pipe and if they mess it up you can still smoke. I am sure there are plenty other reasons. If someone considers having 4 crack pipes to be bragging, I would hate to see how little they have. And on the flip side of someone needs to get there ego stroked by posting on a crack smokers sub reddit then they probably have very little in life too.

  19. If an addict doesn't want help there is almost nothing you can do. I feel he is so far away from acknowledging he has problem it's not even funny. Like Gringo Papi. If he tries to do sober October wait until he has kratom withdrawals. Although he won't recognize it as that or admit it. He will have withdrawals though.

  20. Stay and refuse to pay rent. Will cost him thousands

  21. I would say it is there responsibility to find another lender

  22. You could clone yourself and go at him 2 on 1 and still both end up getting raped if that is what he decided to do. Sorry, wish it wasn't true.

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