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  1. Terpenes and other cannabinoids. For example if you want something to help you with sleep high Myrcene and CBN would be great things to looks for to ease your mind and make you tired. THC just gets you high, so if you just want to get high and that’s it then sure get the 99% THC stuff but if you want a certain feeling or a more full/natural effect then gotta learn about the terpenes

  2. I’m not trying to be a dick but did you not just contradict yourself? If this post is saying that the % doesnt correlate with how high someone gets, why would you recommend someone get the 99% stuff if they are just trying to get high?

  3. I guess I never have experienced just wanting to smoke just for the feeling of getting high, I smoke certain strains to assist me with certain stuff and put me in the right mindset for that task at that time of day. Loads of THC will just make you feel stoned and groggy and not make you feel tired, happy, less anxious, more hungry, etc.

  4. Thanks for posting this, I’m 22 and in the same exact boat as you. A lot of amazing comments here already and I don’t really have anything to add except you’re not alone !

  5. never said anything’s wrong with it but now that you ask… nobody really knows how “safe” it is nor the long term effects of using it. it’s safer than street carts yes but nobody really knows how much safer. i still buy and smoke it because of its affordability and it’s legal but regular bud/delta 9 is 10000x better.

  6. So much bullshit and incorrect info in here. Don’t believe any of it lol. But do be careful

  7. The scale of this fucked me up for a second lol. I thought it was like egg yolks in a salad lol

  8. Yeah, the only difference is literally just one extra letter, and it's clearly not helping in spreading the word about OCPD.

  9. Yes :( and I think it’s safe to say it’s not only not helping, it’s making it much worse

  10. Don’t worry, this is a stupid trend that has no real practical use. Nobody is expected to catch onto body language THAT subtle

  11. Well some of the most expensive Lego items by weight are minifigs. Look at cloud city Boba Fett as an extreme or the Roman themed figs from the past cmf series. Basically figs start at $5 and can climb wildly.

  12. I have this too--it's called Developmental Topographical Disorientation, which I only learned of recently when I came across this Autistictic blog post on it. You must read it, it will clarify your life!

  13. OMG thank you so much 😭 so spot on, glad there is a name for it too so I don’t feel as alone. The tip section is helpful too. Thank you so much for sharing

  14. of course!! so glad it was as spot on and helpful for you as it was for me.

  15. Yes I do this to stay anonymous. Different accounts for different areas of my life. If I only had one account, it would be obvious to some people who I am based on my posts. I prioritize anonymity

  16. Bro the grand master key on that problem was to actually let it go crazy.

  17. 100%. I don’t have hppd, i have vss and have had it as long as I can remember. I get pretty crazy light shows when I close my eyes at night lol. If I try to fight it, it just makes me anxious and falling asleep is impossible. Only when I roll with it and accept it can I fall asleep. I really do wish I could close my eyes and see NOTHING tho lol

  18. I kept taking vitamins, exercising, smoking, taking sun, occasionally drinking or taking benzos, and im doing awesome.

  19. Will try thank you! I’m currently cutting out weed. Been a stoner for about 3 years now. Last while it’s been making my anxiety so much worse though unfortunately, but I kept using it because I like weed lol. I miss it already but hoping cutting it will help with my anxiety soon

  20. …And still enough of a risk that no one with VSS should use them, so I’m not sure what your point it.

  21. I actually agree with you and don’t think using psychedelics with vss is necessarily a good idea. But to say that ‘psychedelics worsen vss’ is simply not true. There are tons of people with vss that use psychedelics and it doesn’t affect them negatively

  22. Why can’t I find a comment that says Family Guy? Easily my go to show whenever I’m anxious because it’s just constant stupidity and laughter

  23. Fully capable of cooking a meal, but it is extremely daunting for reasons I don’t know. I end up only eating the same few easy things (chikn nuggets, fries, mac n cheese). I attribute this more to asd than spd though

  24. Born with vs and have tried shrooms numerous times and am a daily stoner. It seems my vs is more visible in the day time now than it used to be. But I don’t attribute weed or shrooms to worsening my vs. I find vs fascinating and I love learning about it and reading about it. I’m more aware of it / thinking about it more than I used to. And that is what I mainly attribute to the ‘worsening of my vs’. Think about how our brain is able to filter out our nose. Unless we start thinking about our nose and then we see it. Similarly, I think about my vs more often than I used to so I notice it more and it appears to be more prevalent. Doesn’t really bother me although at times it’s annoying as hell. Tinnitus is the worst. Anyway, all of this to say it’s impossible (at least in the current state of vss research) to say that any specific thing irrefutably worsens vs for everybody. We don’t know shit about it unfortunately

  25. Remember everything you hear is anecdotal because this has not been properly researched

  26. Not sure why you're quoting random odds ratios at me without providing the actual sources.

  27. In your previous comment you said you didn’t care if something was a fact or not lol so why would I?

  28. I don’t care if it’s a fact - driving under the influence will impact your ability to drive full stop. Whether or not being drunk or being high are different isn’t a productive conversation.

  29. I disagree with you. Yes, you shouldn’t drive impaired whether you’re drunk or high, but to not even acknowledge the difference between driving drunk and driving high is foolish. Listen to Paul Armentano on the subject. The odds ratio that a THC positive driver will get into a motor accident is 1.2-1.4. The odds ratio for someone driving drunk and getting into an accident is 4+. Another random but fascinating stat - the odds ratio for getting into an accident while driving with more than 1 person in a vehicle is 2+, yet driving with a passenger is not illegal. I’m not saying driving high should be legal. I’m saying it is ignorant to ignore data and pretend that there is no difference between two very different things.

  30. Someone's trying to defraud drugs companies by trying to link autism to these drugs. It's exactly the same as what caused the anti Vax movement.

  31. This is a class action lawsuit against the company behind Tylenol. A jury was convinced that it causes autism. I haven't personally seen any evidence for this but that didn't stop the lawsuit.

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