1. Show me the evidence that’s it’s a lie. I’m not pushing anything, you do you and I never suggested otherwise.

  2. I don't need evidence, you do. Claiming it as true, which is what they've done, is a lie without proper evidence.

  3. RRSP contributions were already made in those prior years, i just had decided to not use all the deductions in the year the contributions were made and carry forward some.

  4. If you contribute in the calendar year up to the following calendar year prior to March 1st then that should be your contribution. If it was entered as a number less than what was actually deposited into the RRSP then you need to submit a correction.

  5. You are confusing contributions with deductions.

  6. It really depends on you. For my first 2 half doses I did ok but the double steroid sent me on a crazy streak for a week or so. My first full infusion this didn’t happen but I got leg weakness for like 3 weeks which had me worried.

  7. In order to predict probability we needs things to base this prediction on. I can not say with any confidence that Revive knows what they are doing so how can we???

  8. after my full first dose my legs felt extremely weak and I was worried as heck.....the internet rabbit hole took my down the road of PML and I was freaking out. Then one day (about 3.5 weeks) after the infusion, everything returned to normal....out of the blue. It's like I never had symptoms at all. Anyway, a stressful time but everything worked out.

  9. Hey, so sorry to hear what you are going through. Having being dx'd in the past few years I understand what you are going through. This is still super new to you and when I say you should take it day by day, I mean no disrespect to you or your feelings about the situation. Have you come to terms with your MS? I ask this seriously, and I ask because like you I was worrying about everything, new lesions, symtomps etc and I was grasping everywhere for answers. The cold hard truth is that you need to stop stressing about it because the stress isn't going to do anything good for you. It is, what it is, and while I say that I feel for you. nothing you do is going to change the outcome. Get healthier, exercise lots, do whatever you can do to improve your health, diet, mental toughness and so on. Kick MS's ass by being the best person you can be and leave the doctoring to the doctors. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope things go as good as they can for you. Take care and enjoy the time you have....stress is a killer. GL

  10. There ofc are people like that, nearly everyone on this sub would be very against forgoing DMTs though. MS patients dont really have the luxury to be risk averse like healthy people anymore, in my opinion. The risk of MS far outweights even the risks of treatment with chemotherapy sometimes.

  11. This is spot on. When it came down to it the risk of MS and its potential progression, It got me on the DMT side pretty quick. When you consider the possible progression of MS vs the 3% risk of PML (this mumber will vary depending on the DMT) it becomes a tolerable risk.

  12. What if you own a house but have not lived in it? Eg. real estate investor. Do they qualify?

  13. No, the guidelines state that in order to qualify as a first time home buyer that you can’t have owned in the past 4 years.

  14. 30k a year 🤣🤣 try closer to 100k and sometimes billing at 20k an infusion for some I have seen… that aside I’m sure and insurance would cover an mRNA “cure” at even 500k … it would save quite a bit in the long run .

  15. Yeah, I guess it depends where you are located. Here in the Great White North, Ocrevus tallies up at $36k/year

  16. Wow. My ocrevus in the US is $60,000 a year. I have switched to every five months and it is probably more now. Looking to meet a nice Canadian 🤣

  17. LoL, I just went into your post history, not be nosey but find out if I should give you my nice Canadian friends contact details. I noticed a subreddit you commented on and I recommend you check out Dr Gabor Mate. He talks about auto immune disease and what might cause it. Anyway, it helped me find some peace with my MS diagnoses and it made a lot of sense. GL

  18. If you plan on having children and have ROI in mind, you probably should not be having children.

  19. I do have a line of credit already the bank offered me a few years ago that I have never used. Thanks for the advice!

  20. Cool! If you never have used it is has probably gone dormant. You should draw some amount of money from it 1 x per year at least to keep it active. Try and make a withdrawel from the account to see if it lets you. If so, just make usre it appears on at least 1 staement with an interest charge per year and that should keep it active. GL and with credit its a little bit of use it or lose it. GL

  21. Just checked with a quick transaction and it seems to be all good! Thanks again.

  22. I always get downvoted when I speak of Wahl’s or her approach and I’ll agree that her job of a messenger is down somewhat poorly IMO and it’s off putting. That being said, a lot of the science and her research suggest that what she is teaching is legit. She was more recently than not received something like $2.5M to further study her diet protocol. Love or hate her the science in her research looks good. I’ve used certain parts of her teachings and methods and they have worked out. Whatever you choose to do to improve your health is a win for people with our condition. GL

  23. Ok what about the picture that she's using on her website at post-wheelchair photo? OP just proved it was taken before she was even in a wheelchair.

  24. With all due respect, OP did not prove someone stated the date could have been off, there is no way for us to know. My thoughts on her protocol are based on the research I have done based on what she claim in her reasearch. You do you, I am doing what I feel is right based on the research that I have done and it is working for me. GL

  25. How do you take it? As powder or tincture? I have bought a (super expensive) glycerin extract a while, but then switched to the cheaper powder and have to admit I don't take it regularly due to the taste. Do you mix it into something? Can you put it into soup or is it more effective if it's not heated? And how much do you take or was taken in the study?

  26. The lions maine I take is powdered and I put it into a smoothie with blueberries mostly but I change it up When I can, along with a protein powder which helps hide the taste. For the tincture I take; it consists of turkey tail and reishi mushrooms which I find help.

  27. I buy them in bulk so they are not branded. It’s just the cheapest way to get them. A pound of lions main cost me about $80 and I grind it to a powder myself. Just look for a herbal supplement store that sells in bulk. If you are in Canada I can send you the site details. I’m not sure if they ship to the US. Let me know.

  28. You need to find out where the leak is coming in from and stop it there. Will anything serious happen depends on how often it happens and if rust has formed and has taken hold. Pull off whatever you can to see where the water is coming in the car. Water is a killer, stop it as soon as you can.

  29. no problem. One thing I did to help locate the leak is to pull as much off as I could and I put paper towel all over and above where the leak was coming from(like in your picture), and then poured water over the car intil the leak started to make some papertowel wet. This let me locate the leak and get it fixed. Mind you, it was on an Accord so a bit different. GL

  30. A lot of politicians make promises and don’t deliver. MF actually lowered my taxes this year.

  31. I'm in Saskatchewan! And for sure—I'm really going to focus negotiations on the total cost. I can pay cash if they can't give me a decent financing rate.

  32. I’d recommend taking financing out and then pay it off after the 1st month. If you are financing it that is another stream of revenue for the car company. Paying cash in todays world works against you IMO.

  33. Lions mane mushrooms ! I had memory and short term issues as well and started supplementing with Lions Mane mushrooms 2x/day with my smoothie and it takes about a month of daily use to ‘feel it kick in’ but things are better now cognition wise. The cheapest way is to buy the mushroom in bulk and the. Grind it into a powder with a blender but if you can’t find a supplier looks for a beta glucan supplement as that’s the main beneficial ingredient. GL

  34. Good to know, thanks! I hate mushrooms but I think it’s worth giving a try.

  35. I put them in my smoothie and it mostly hides the flavour. I buy them in bulk to get them at the lowest cost possible. The capsule form is out there but I find it pretty pricy so that’s why I do it the way I do. gL

  36. My friend, I believe you need to adjust your mindset about OE...or we just have different views! I look at OE like this. Work expects an 8 hour day to accomplish A-Z.....If I am efficient and can accomplish what they want in 4 hours then I've cleared 4 hours from my schedule which I can allocate to another 'project'. While the example I give works in my favuor there are many nights that I have to do 'additional work' to keep on top of everything and manage expectations. Try to not fall into the fear, that 's the whole problem with the system is that it's fear driven. Free yourself and profit! GL.

  37. The private appraiser is the way you have to go. I ran into the same problem and that is what I was told. ....I fought with them and eventually got an amount I was satisfied with but it was still low with almost no comparables as I had rebuilt the car a fair bit. GL

  38. Stay with the job as long as possible and make the move when you absolutely have to OR when they let you go. At the end of the day if you can still manage your job keep doing it…let them decide when you Aren’t valuable anymore…you might be slipping up here and there but compared to someone else…you could be miles ahead! Also do you have benefits with the company? If so you may get disability insurance. Get as much cash as you can because you are going to need it at some point. GL

  39. This is interesting! Pharma Drug and Revive Therapeutics both have agreements in place with Pharmather for a patch…one for dmt and one for psilocybin.

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