1. I'll post an update as soon as I have one!

  2. I hate the smell of farts, McDonalds, and Uber passengers! This is why we Americans need to install and properly use a bidet (like me) $25 on Amazon. Cleanest butt in Colorado!

  3. I've always wanted a bidet, do you still use paper to dry after the water turns off? Or does it have some kinda drying system?

  4. Because it’s so thorough, I hang a small washcloth. I pat dry and rehang it. I can use it for a month straight and it never has stains or odors. I’m hypersensitive to odors/sunlight/noise/heat for some reason.

  5. As a guy with a slightly bigger than normal rear end I will say I personally have the same issue of leaving a ass smell on seats every now and then, I never knew the toilet paper had anything to do with it. I think I'll order a bidet right now and try it out. Got any recommendations?

  6. Tbh guys, how can we know that dd doesn't have bots on pages like this that automatically respond with an answer that's in their best interest? I see a few comment saying they not only hit the 20/25 an hour pay but they also sometimes get higher, and all of the comments that say this are formatted very similar.

  7. It sucks but as a teen living near downtown, I probably have a good idea of who did it 😕

  8. I had this one gate where I had to select the customers name and it would call them and they had to let me in with their phone, I called them 3 times and they never answered, had a huge line of people behind me just trying to get home, thankfully the guy behind me who lived there got out of his car and asked me whats up, I told him I was delivering and he said somthing about how the neighborhood really needed a better gate system. He then opened the gate for me with his key card

  9. if you pick my food up and deliver it, you get a good tip. If you’d rather be on your hustle with stacked orders and drive the wrong way, you won’t get a tip. It’s not really that complicated…

  10. "If you'd rather be on your hustle"..... that's literally the entire point of driving for doordash, to make money. The point of the job isn't to specifically cater to one person and all their needs for pocket change, we do it to pay the bills and put food on the table

  11. Somone just hit their first 100 dashes lol. That first 100 is a true awaking experience

  12. Most people who have AR-15'S are really trained and know how to use them safely and well. Doesn't mean AR-15's should be legal and neither should Pit Bulls.

  13. For starters, having a gun is a right. Are you really saying we should make a living animal "illegal" for no reason other than the type it is? Reminds me of a group of people i think you would fit in quite nicely

  14. The right to life is more important than anyone's pee pee extender guns and their dogs they use to compensate for stuff. Your "rights" end once your stupid dumb ass dog (they are objectively stupid dogs) starts chasing down the neighbor kid who was just walking to school. And yeah, you probably voted for trump with how quickly you went to the Nazi argument. Typical orange cult member

  15. If it was my dog it wouldent hurt a fly, i wouldent train it to hurt people. I like how just because i shared my opinions online (which i think some people may agree are better than yours) you think i voted for trump. someone like you cant even comprehend that maybe i cant vote

  16. tbh this is one of those videos where a big red clickbait circle and arrow would have been usefull

  17. Congrats! I just had a question if you don't mind, (I'm looking for education not to offend or mock you). Is it possible for you to get erect and have sex? Sorry if its kinda crude but I'm curious about these types of surgeries.

  18. I wouldn't know, but my bet they were going of USAs emergency sirenas, especially EOWS-612.

  19. Doordash does this thing called hidden tips where sometimes it will tell you you’re getting a certain amount but once you deliver it you realize you actually got paid more. There’s really no legitimate reason for this, but it exists so that app would hack into the system and tell you what you’re really going to make for each order. And all of the scaredy cats worried about being deactivated yet nobody knows anyone who’s actually been deactivated for using them

  20. It's a Land Rover with a snorkel. It's really not idiotic if you factor that in. It's literally designed to do exactly this.

  21. It's doing exactly what it is supposed to. It isn't made to stay in the water, just survive while you get through it.

  22. Doing what business? Stealing food and ruining somone else's job just because you can't afford a 7$ meal?

  23. Customer here. If I want free food, I’m going to find a way to get it. Just let it happen and move on to the next order.

  24. You know that hurts the driver right? We get punished. And if it happens to much then no one will wanna deliver to you

  25. My state is a no-fault state. They can let you go for any reason. It was also through a staffing agency in a temp-to-hire position. They play by different rules in that area.

  26. Wow that sucks a lot, my state is the opposite. If you employer even threatens to fire you for medical reason then you can easily sue the hell out of him for a fuck ton of money. I'd say a better way to make money is to do more than one service, like try uber eats, or regular uber. That way if DD is super slow you can bounce back and fourth

  27. I know how much it sucks lol, as a dual enrollment student. Car insurance rapes me. Just power through, things have a way of working out

  28. I've had this happen to me before, but it's normally only off by a mile or two. Still kinda annoying and scummy tho

  29. I've been on both ends, I used to work at a fast food place that had a lot of door dashes. Our manager made us wait for the dasher to arrive before we even began making the order. Most dasher would be cool and would wait the 5 or 10 MI for us to make it. But a lot of the time we would get rude dashers who would cut in line of others and demand the stuff be made now. I have since quit the job and pick up dashes from there somtimes.

  30. 🥰 I love that you’re wise enough to post to Reddit for help with your dashing! Hahahhaa

  31. How much did u make over how much time workin?

  32. Still can’t believe there are idiots who will use there car and gas to deliver something for 13 miles for $2.75!

  33. As a new dasher (less than 20 deliveries), I feel like I don't have a choice. If I decline it then they will lower my acceptance percentage

  34. Acceptance percentage has no purpose, other than to coerce you. Ignore it completely

  35. Rule 3 is kinda out of pocket, I'm kinda young but isn't the whole point in being in a relationship to get a mutual benefit?

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