1. And 217 Comics is another choice if distance, or event times are an issue!

  2. The folks at 217 know me by name, so distance is only halfway a problem. Thank you for this info though, I’ll check it out sometime

  3. My husband loves MTG and LoTR. I like Pokémon. :) we can talk if you want. Also, the game stores in town are welcoming. Die hard, Titan, and there’s one on the east side.

  4. Alright. Go ahead and shoot me a message if you’d like. The only shop I go to is 217 Comics out on Stevenson, and they know me by name in there

  5. Same…but it’ll get better start distracting yourself

  6. I’m going to the gym now, so distracting myself and getting fucking beefy at once

  7. I know it’s a scary time and this waiting period is dreadful. Just try not to let your mind run wild with possible outcomes good or bad, dwelling on it too much will put a strain on you. Try to go on as normally as you can. Just a question how often do you see her?

  8. I see her not nearly as often as I’d like because she’s in college and works 3 jobs, so she’s always busy, but it’s like once ever week and a half or so when I see her

  9. Okay, the first time you see her again things might be a little bit weird but that’ll pass. Don’t try to act like nothing happened just be more sincere I guess? I struggle with the same thing to it’s gonna be tough but relationships aren’t supposed to be easy. Genuinely hope you kill it man. Feel free to let me know what happens.

  10. We always have to plan the times we meet since she’s so busy, so I probably won’t see her for a while. She’ll hopefully call me whenever she’s processed everything, and if she wants to keep me around we’ll probably meet after that. I for sure will let you know how things go, though.

  11. Yea, or maybe she still in love with her past lover and hopes he will return if you say she’s still healing just be patient and all answers will be revealed sooner or later

  12. She’s absolutely over her ex. She hates his guts, to put it simply. I’m usually a patient man when it comes to this stuff, but I don’t know how long I can wait with this

  13. Well good luck, hopefully everything turns out good just distract yourself I would say

  14. I’m sending her one last message for the day, and I’m gonna just turn my phone to do not disturb. Thanks for taking to me


  16. If desperate, find evolved and ask advice

  17. Throg am honestly desperate. Throg not know what he did to make friend upset. Throg just want friend to be happy

  18. I’m still working on it, so not yet. There’s been too much stuff coming out recently to keep the list updated. If I get it built, I’ll post it in this thread for you

  19. makes sense, that's basically where I'm at with my pet deck, glorious RG ramp/land destruction.

  20. R/G stuff is always fun, no matter what the deck is. But land destruction stuff is always funny I actually lost the dock with it in my process of streamlining my organization, and I’m genuinely upset about it. I’ll try and remake the list sometime soon

  21. Abdel Adrian blink is a fun commander I’ve seen played. Choose a blue background and a bunch of permanents with good etb effects you can abuse every turn with blink effects. I’ve yet to see the blue version but the green and red versions I’ve seen were really cool to see and play against.

  22. Thats why nobody cares if you proxy all the stuff in cedh. A well made deck only cost you about 30€. And nobody wants to win because his purse is bigger

  23. Exactly. If WoTC can print proxies, I can use them. Also, Mark Rosewater himself said that proxies don’t matter

  24. Then eventually I'll disappoint her, I'm not planning on leaving but I don't know how long I can stay if that makes sense. I just don't wanna hurt her and that's why I'm here really

  25. Just try and give her another day. Every day before you go to sleep, just try and give her one more day. That’s all you really can promise anyone. You can never promise anyone a year, since something bad can happen in a year. But, it’s much easier to give somebody one more day

  26. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m gonna do it whenever she comes back into town in a couple weeks. I think you should just tell her. The worst she can say is no. Actually, that’s not true, the worst that could happen is she laughs at you and stops talking to you, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen

  27. I am no expert by any means, but I would recommend [Tectonic Giant]. I say this because whenever it attacks it’s just a guaranteed 3 damage at least, that can be multiplied by the Calamity Bearer, and it hurts your opponent for trying to kill it as well.

  28. That what Throg am do. Throg am have letter written, and am send it soon, hopefullt

  29. Honestly, a good artifact deck that you can build for very cheap is [Bosh, Iron Golem]. He’s pretty linear, but can still be very strong. Just make infinite mana and launch him at your opponents infinite times, or just play a bunch of big robot boys. My personal Bosh list is a KCI combo deck, so it’s super dumb and combo heavy, but that’s not needed at all for it to be strong, or fun.

  30. Everything is a perspective, a few months ago that’s true. But man they reprinted them. The only signet I see that’s not under two dollars is blue and white. And the only one above 1 dollar is blue and black.

  31. I don’t really keep track of prices that closely, so thank you for letting me know that

  32. Another point thats perhaps worth making esp. when youre on a budget: Signets tend to be cheaper. Some talismans can run you upwards of 5 bucks whereas most signets are dirt cheap.

  33. That’s true, talismans can be more expensive, but if the talisman I need is more expensive, I’ll always just grab the signet to save money

  34. Yeah thats why I'm on the sub but everyone just ghosts you so I've given up

  35. Exactly I'm only here with the vague hope that at least one person actually wants a friend

  36. Alright, the second list. Admittedly, less time went into this one, and I like the first one a bit more, but in case you wanted another flavor:

  37. This one seems alright. I’ve tried out the first one a couple times, and it’s super fun. Thank you for all the help you’ve given me, it is very much appreciated

  38. It’s been very cool, and genuinely good. I’ve got a lotus field deck and it can take that down pretty quickly. So, it’s a good list

  39. Can I……eat cave woman like maybe just a leg or something but I’m hungry, I haven’t had human in days

  40. No. Throg kill you if you touch cavewoman. Nobody hurt Throg’s cavewoman

  41. Good point. Refunding mana is kind of important since it can help me with more combat tricks, but ram through

  42. Is your burn matchup so bad that you need to dedicate 7 sideboard slots to it? I would think just the weather the storms would be enough.

  43. I’m going to be honest, I forgot I had Feed the Clan in the sideboard. I’ll make a change to that

  44. Crug need be nice to cavewoman, and give cavewoman food. Cavewoman always love food. Throg also think that Crug should give wanted cavewoman much attention

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