1. What kind of proper training? 40 hours to be able to identify mental health crises? Another 16 annually at identifying mental health issues and managing difficulties surrounding various disabilities? What's the goal? 80 hours of Crisis Intervention Training with annual refresher training already exists. Thats 120 hours of training just to be able to go. Wow, they need a doctor or something, not jail.

  2. No one cares what you had to do for whatever your job is. You aren't a cop and don't have the thousands of hours in everything else they have to be trained on. Do you know what would be super helpful? People not dumping their crazy family members on the rest of society and bringing back long-term psychiatric facilities.

  3. Okay that’s great to know. I have already activated benefits for this semester, but may just stop them after this semester, or save them for summer semesters bc the tuition waiver will not cover summer!

  4. Using 9/11 for partial semesters like summer won't give you the best bang for your benefit but it's a good way to get through school faster. I did my 4 year in 3 that way.

  5. Good to know. I have hopes of going to law school after I get my bachelors, so if post 9/11 can be used to that, I can save it for that schooling

  6. It can be used for advanced education. Talk to your schools VA office they'll be able to give you better info.

  7. The glasses do provide benefit. If you turn your head and look one direction, between the two cameras, you will have a roughly 180 degree field of vision on record while you have your head turned as opposed to about 90. It would also capture ALMOST everything you see between the two cameras. I am not suggesting replacing body worn cameras I am suggesting supplementing them.

  8. Oh, so more shit to carry around. Thanks, my entire goal is not to actually do my job now, but just wear 45 cameras so that you can feel like you did something to "reform police." Got it.

  9. And btw, this might surprise you, but I actually kind of think we should INCREASE police budget.

  10. Well, usually, if I know you by name, it's a big clue. Most people may never get arrested their entire lives, sone people make it a lifestyle. The repeat offenders don't care. Regular people freak out.

  11. I'll be honest I couldn't tell you how a judge thinks. I've seen them get annoyed with things in one court that the court next door tolerates all day.

  12. Well, I can tell you everyone thinks they did "pretty good." But you likely did not. Depending on your state, you are now subject to a mandatory license suspension of up to a year.

  13. I believe you have those two correct. Really depends on what state he served in but if he served Washington state then I believe it's Washington national guard meritorious service award.

  14. Could be but it's in the wrong spot. National Guard (State) medals and awards go after Federal ones. It would be to the right of even his Army Service Ribbon. It might be a Meritorious Service medal which would have precedence over the AAM. But it has something else going on devices of some sort?

  15. Thank you. And sorry, I believe that I left out some info. I'm located in California, and paid the landscaper for his services- so he's not technically getting free money. I'm not sure why my family did not tell him to discontinue the landscaping.

  16. If he rendered services and you paid him, then you likely can't get the money back. He would have the ability to put a lien on the properties for the work he did. Someone should have canceled services with him when the property management was transferred.

  17. This could extend further than a civil defamation lawsuit. It could rise to the level of criminal harassment/stalking. Most mental health professionals are way more equipment to deal with this kind of thing, but if your behavior continues, it could land you in court both criminally and civilly.

  18. Do you have someone else who can act as payee for SSA? If so that's an easy switch to make. As far as revoking the existing PoAs that can be done in writing by notifying M&D and anyone else who they might have dealt with on your behalf; i.e. the bank where they kept your money.

  19. Maybe not if he's been adjudicated incompetent with his own financial affairs.

  20. Btw, the adjudication is for civil insanity, but still that's pretty major obv & would classify most folks that had that status as unable or incompetent to manage their own affairs (in general),

  21. So were you found not guilty of a crime by reason of insanity to be adjudicated as insane by a court?

  22. Generally the dudes flashing a wad of cash are showing off what amounts to their entire bank account. It looks cool but it's the normal person's equivalent to their life savings

  23. Crashes on private property are generally civil issues as criminal traffic enforcement usually only applies to the roadways, not parking lots. There are exceptions for DUI, reckless driving, and vehicular deaths.

  24. yah the deportation thing is scary, unless the judge were to drop the charges... its not something taken lightly.

  25. It happens. Unfortunately, drunk people commit dumb offenses, but it's not a defense to be drunk. I've seen both sides plenty of arrests for domestic that I didn't want to make because it was petty. But I'm not getting fired because two people can't get along. Sometimes, people weaponize the police against each other, and everyone knows its BS, but our hands are tied. I've also seen women killed or seriously injured after I've taken their dude to jail and they refused to cooperate with us or just leave for whatever reason.

  26. Domestic violence laws across the country have been written into overdrive. There have been incidents of DV where the victim was killed after law enforcement responded and were told everything is fine, etc.

  27. What's crazier is that a sleeping pill that has the potential to cause you to drive while intoxicated is able to be sold. How is that an acceptable side effect?

  28. It's the way that side effects are labeled. If 1000 of us go into a drug trial for the newest drug all the things that happen to us during the trial period become the side effects if they cannot rule the drug out.

  29. Because people get themselves run over? If someone runs across the street and you are just cruising along and punt them like a football or add them to your car like a hood ornament, do you want it to be your fault?

  30. Depends on reciprocity laws for those states and whatever state issued your permit. DC and Maryland? Good luck. They don't exactly give out permits and have been sued in federal court over it and don't have reciprocity with anyone.

  31. I don’t have my ccw out of california either. When I purchased them I was LEO so I had Leosa but now I don’t. And I’m also trying to be a cop for the Veterans Affairs so I don’t want to catch a charge either haha. It just sucks how criminals seem to have the upper hand and like I said I usually have my two dogs with me I don’t want someone jacking my car with them in it. Chances they’d go nuts anyway (German Shepherd and a Malinois) which would be even worse since they’d get killed…

  32. Well best leave your guns at home. VA is open carry even in a vehicle, but as soon as you put it in a glove box or center console it's considered concealed. MD/DC only honor their own permits and iirc only issue them to residents. You might be able to get your VA permit once you establish residency but I don't know that states permit requirements.

  33. It's a strange practice. But those who use it claim it works and there are anecdotal reports that it does. The problem science has is they can't figure out why and the people who do it can't or won't explain why. Mysticism is a strange thing.

  34. Besides the blood from his injuries related to the fight on the gun. The slide locked back on an empty magazine and spent casings? Or the driver and car described by half a dozen people from all the local businesses concerned there was a guy shooting a gun outside?

  35. Cops of Reddit, care to relive the most absolute worst things you’ve ever seen? Leave no gory detail out!

  36. Don't worry half the people on here aren't cops but like to tell war stories. It's just a circle jerk at this point.

  37. Where I am no. Driving suspended is criminal culpability for a crash, but not necessarily just no drivers license at all.

  38. Crash related criminal charges especially involving deaths take advanced training to investigate. Depending on the location there may not be resources to adequately investigate and prosecute these crimes.

  39. If this was really a building full of hundreds of human remains, I don't think a YouTube spelunker would be allowed to just roam the area with a camera. Even in super dictatorial regime's they don't want this shit getting around, anywhere else you'd have hundreds of cops swarming the area.

  40. Also, this video is apparently from Bili Bili, I strongly doubt the Chinese government is going to allow video of one of their "organ farms" to be uploaded to their government-moderated social media.

  41. I'm thinking maybe a flooded tomb? Or something historical that was uncovered? These bodies look incredibly old. The oxidation on some of the bones is notable

  42. If they pled guilty won't the subsequent jail sentence kind of out them when they don't show up for work?

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