1. I would love to tease,suck them,then Lick your Rosebud until your Squirting all over my face!

  2. If we enjoyed each other's company from the first date, yes I can see you wearing that on a second date!

  3. I'd make us a nice Dinner your Choice land or sea or both! Then we would take a Shower together so I can wash you from head to toe. We'll go into the bedroom so I can admire your Beauty. Then I'll message you all over until you're Dripping, then without warning I start eating you out until you're Squirting all over my face and Begging me to Stick it in.

  4. I would like too help with easing your pain. I'll start by massaging your Neck, than Back,, Legs and Feet! Hopefully you would Let me massage other parts until you're totally relaxed.

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