[OC] This sign on a school near Uvalde, TX

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  1. Note* these are all Unedited photos. Theh were Taken on an IPhone 14 pro max the 1st three in RAW mode

  2. Just think about how much better the world would be without your transphobic bullshit :)

  3. This was a post, to all the veterans of iowa following this sub. And I never once said anyone. We’re to not be here on earth. I never once wished or thought death upon anyone. We are all entitled to our own opinions but don’t wish death upon anyone.

  4. As the wife of a veteran I appreciate you! Need more of this!

  5. In todays world, Us veterans need to come together. There is power in numbers and if we can all come together and be together we will all get through this together!

  6. First off, the US is already directly involved. In assisting Ukraine, the US has opened themselves up to incidents like the one last week where a Russian fighter forced a US drone down. This sort of escalation is pretty much unavoidable as long as the US continues to support Ukraine.

  7. You are exactly correct. 6 year army veteran here…. Article 5 would require everyone to help. Which we honestly already should be as Putin has committed I don’t know 50 war crimes do I want to go into another full fledge war? No, but at this point and time I honestly do not see any other outcome or way this ends. Unless someone were to try another Coup and then try and convert Russia to democracy

  8. Thankfully god either doesn't exist or is such a narcisist that it doesn't matter if he she or it does and anyone worshiping such a pathetic hateful being is a fool.

  9. You need to go back and read your Bible and try to learn some stuff about compassion. I don’t think you’ve taken that lesson of Jesus Christ in very well given your remarks to this person.

  10. We are all entitled to our own opinion. I’m not and have never been comfortable with trans people. It’s not safe for our children to be susceptible to. They are taking important history lessons out of school just to teach gay and trans bullshit! Children need to be taught the civil rights, WWI &WWII. They don’t need to be taught gay rights or trans bullshit. Fuck all of that.

  11. Show us more, I’ll be eating your pussy out making you squirt all over me and then I’ll shove my cock so deep in you and make you squirt and cum all over my cock. Then I’ll give you every last drop of cum

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