1. 1: does not matter if you go right or down - always the same rule: if no dots repeat: combine. If some dots repeat: keep the repeated and mirror the unrepeated

  2. 1: does not matter if you go right or down - always the same rule: if no dots repeat: combine. If some dots repeat: keep the repeated and mirror the unrepeated

  3. I‘d recommend using DataJar (is free and from a trusted source;) instead of storing in a file.

  4. If your Sensor is in HomeKit you could trigger the automation on sensor value. BUT. There is no action to either send a message or run a shortcut. Apple decided that this information is not of your business🤬 What works: you can send a get request to some endpoint who does the trick - e.g. ifttt

  5. Interesting. Is the webpage constantly changing addresses?

  6. Changing places as in location? Does that impact the address? I'm trying to understand the purpose of the Google search

  7. Ok - thanks for your patience… Maybe I misused „places“ - better think of cities.

  8. Data Jar can be used to store and retrieve global variables very easily since it provides perfect actions. (It is free of charge and scam)

  9. Definitely will if I can figure out how to make it not my api keys

  10. You can use Data Jar for storing your keys and use the according variables in the flow. Is handy for maintaining your api keys anyway..

  11. No, Data Jar is an App which provides shortcuts for storing any kind of data globally such that you can share it between shortcuts. It’s free :

  12. I have a very special which. Something outstanding - a really unique selling point.. Imagine a home automation software which would send you a message if a temp - sensor exceeds a certain threshold. Directly to your iPhone. Wonder if this is even possible technically at all…

  13. Absolutely! It makes things a bit more static but allows more freedom in terms of item placement than the stacks do, plus it uses less memory

  14. Hi, here the result: drawing everything on a canvas did not solve the problem - the number of stacks was not the underlying problem. What did help: cutting down the html string from 800k down to about 100k length. I have not completely understood, how this was influencing the number of possible loops over the days, but it did help. Thanks for your idea anyway…

  15. Custom json endpoints to all gauges / charts would make up a whole new universe… think of all the api out there…

  16. "Frische Brötchen Essen Asse Des Gesangs" und "Geh Du Alte Ente Hole Fisch" - für'n Quintenzirkel

  17. Is this possible for you to rather use the onSelect function of that row?

  18. onTap only works for button cells. Image cells are as is, just images.

  19. There are widgets aplenty, but extremely limited in what they show. Widgy is incredible providing flexible means of how to do it. But JSON API (already existing for text) would free the widgets with respect to the content. Not always weather and battery level…

  20. I don‘t know wether it supports your use case but you can define functions in one script which is then included as library . So you can reuse that lib in many other scripts …

  21. use the CallbackURL class with Shortcut's x-callback-url.

  22. I solved the problem by scraping using regex and http request. So you stay inside scriptable and it‘s possible within a widget. Caveat : you will not be able to do this for flexible locations (unless you understand the logic of the url composition) and it is quite combersome to do.

  23. Mit to my knowledge. And if so - presumably not for free? I‘d be happy to learn otherwise ..

  24. Does enabling “Always Run In App” in the script’s settings make it behave as expected?

  25. Thanks for the hint.. I knew this article but failed on following it with scriptable. There is nothing like getting the context of the canvas and no clip function for the canvas itself. (Up to my limited knowledge…) Maybe using WebView and evaluateJS could be a way forward, but then I am not able to extract the image - I am lacking any experience for this…

  26. Here Is a script I made that crops images of widgets (for my device size). It uses WebView and the canvas element and also loads images so it might help.

  27. You should get the dictionary from text first and then save the dictionary with a file extension of .json

  28. z1ts says:

    I confused to why you need to use the Share sheet to get the file and not just use the File app actions to do this in the shortcut and Translate text action and then save result to said same folder (properties information Folder of original file) as a new file. All files have properties and one of the files properties information is the file Folder location name.

  29. Thanks for your thoughts - but if I try to get the folder location name I only receive the Name, not the folder. That is my problem…

  30. If you talk about the arduino c-scripts it should work if you switch to the right board. And check whether the pin out is correct- sometimes predefined constants are used which are not available with every board firmware.

  31. Ja😅 Genau die mein ich😅 War mir nicht mehr sicher ob Feuerzeug oder Schwefelhölzer

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