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  1. I was in 11th grade in 1989. My best friend and I went to the Disintegration concert in Great Woods, Massachusetts. We were no where close to the stage but it is still on the top 3 concerts I have ever been to. The Cure is absolutely part of the music that is in the soundtrack of my life.

  2. Are you serious????? You are beautiful. In this photo, you have a striking resemblance to actress Moira Kelly in the movie The Cutting Edge (1992). If you haven't seen it go check it out.

  3. Is it me or does this guy look and have the voice of a young Jon Cryer???? This is Ducky (Pretty In Pink) if he stepped over the line of being sympathetic and into creepy! Well done skit. I believed it.

  4. Either. Seriously, you are so hot that nothing could add or detract from how beautiful you are. Hope you don't mind me saying, you remind me of a younger Justine Joli (who was also hotter than Hell)

  5. I will add my own. Last name Black - Tori Black & Rae Lil Black Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.

  6. Please someone know who the girl at the front is

  7. It is a FANTASTIC game and perfect to play on a first date. You can talk, have drinks and food while playing and still carry on a conversation while playing. It really takes away a lot of the "first date nerves". And I also get to find out if my date likes boardgames. If she doesn't then I know we won't work out.

  8. Hottest: Arianna Marie, Moka Mora, Elsa Jean, Sasha Grey, Tori Black, Janice Griffith, Jenna Haze, Bree Daniels, Celest Star and August Ames - just seeing any of these women in the thumbnail of a video will get me hard. Edit: Justine Joli & India Summer

  9. Love the idea but some of the "daughters" have aged since these photos have been taken. I feel like some are now closer to MILF now (like Dani Daniels, age 33) or at least a bit too old to be step-daughter material. This is not making fun or being hateful. All of the women on BOTH lists are beautiful and sexy and well out of my league. Just think the step-daughters should be amoung the newest talent pool.

  10. Owner of the building rents to her for 20% less and to everyone else in the building 10% more for the "amazing view"

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