1. When Hannah goes back (idr the year but the time before 1987), she meets Katharina’s mom (teen at the time) at an abortion clinic and iirc, convinces her to keep the baby? As she’s leaving, she’s asks for her name and Hannah tells her that her name is Katharina.

  2. She was just pretending her name was Katarina, from when she went to visit Ulrich in the mental home. She didn't want them to know her real name

  3. I agree with a terra cotta or dusty rose type of color. Could look nice with desert chic or boho chic decor

  4. I was in a restaurant a few months ago with my girlfriend. All of a sudden, I notice this guy at a table with a bunch of other guys and they’re just staring at me. My girlfriend asked if I knew them. One of the guys looked exactly like my childhood best friend; I say exactly because he had bright red hair and an extremely freckled face.

  5. Maybe it was him, his looks just changed a bit over the years

  6. What about how the phone was found close to the house? And there was a call from her friend at 10:39 for 27 seconds or so? If she got hit by the train after 11..and she talked to her friend on her phone not long before that...why was the phone found close to her house? Doesn't add up...

  7. i'm sad that everyone lost their memories, it would be so fun if they remembered it all so they turn friends in the real world

  8. Maybe as time goes by they'll start remembering more

  9. What if...the spy/ changing identities was actually true. What if the whole finding the bodies was actually part of that cover up, faking death scenario. They wanted everyone to think they were killed ( there were people helping them/ in on it, they were aristocrats so probably easy to have help covering it up ). Maybe The whole family actually escaped and is living under new identities now..I mean who knows at this point.

  10. Is there a double standard if a woman does this to a man?

  11. If you're doing it from a genuine, good pure heart. Seems like lots of people on this trend do it purely as virtue signaling and trying to get attention from others. Like look at me, look how good of a person I am. Do it when no one else is looking or notices

  12. Except 75% of the time rain is forecast it actually doesn't rain at all

  13. This works if your kids will do the alone time/ being alone without having a meltdown or are so go go go that if they're alone they could hurt themselves. Some kids aren't that chill and easy going

  14. Light nails running along your back, also warm bubble baths

  15. I was diagnosed with adhd as a kid and I would see a lot of the behavior I would do, especially growing up, described as autistic traits but I just chalked it to my adhd.

  16. How did your parents parent you/ treat you when you were a kid?

  17. I’m a SAHM with 4 kids 10 and under. I also work part time from home. It’s hectic. Big three kids off to school in the morning. Quick meeting, take toddler to the gym with me. Drop her at the child care at the gym. Workout, shower there. Home, lunch, rotate laundry, make beds, pick up random crap. Toddler nap, I work and cook dinner on the side. Kids home from school. Snacks, activities all afternoon. Dinner, showers, homework, bed. Back to work. Rinse repeat. I’m not resting.

  18. So you get zero alone time or resting time? Brutal..I don't think I could survive that

  19. Back in the day it was drink alcohol and do drugs to self medicate...that's why there's so many older people who drank/ did drugs . Now more people are trying to get real help

  20. And then when kids come it complicates everything and overwhelms you waaaay more also, cause then you're caring for them also and all the time and energy goes towards making sure they're okay and doesn't leave much time and energy for yourself, that you barley have in the first place

  21. That's wild, changes the whole show basically. I wonder why they didn't try to portray it more accurately..

  22. There's also theories that he had Autism or Adhd..back then those things were hush hush and not well known..

  23. Well with the right mix of circumstances it could be part of it

  24. Just ask if he wants to go do something instead of a party. Bowling, maybe see a movie, roller skating. You don’t have to throw a party but perhaps doing a fun event just him and you or your main family would be good. He could invite one or two friends and just say “Hey do you wanna go to the museum or the movies or whatever for your birthday?” Parties in November as a kid always depressed me. We could never do outdoor events cause it was chilly, summer was over so no swimming or anything. Never cold enough to go skiing or sledding. Always stuck me with no real desire for parties either. November is a weird month

  25. I've mentioned that to him also, going out to do something fun with just a few close friends and he doesn't want that either

  26. Dont force it on him. He may not have formed close enough friendships with classmates. Just celebrate as you have always done.

  27. He does have a few pretty close bonds with friends at school but I think he figures he sees them enough at school and doesn't really care to hang out with them outside of school much

  28. Do it. Everyone deserves to be complimented once in a while. It would make them feel good about themselves which the world needs more of

  29. More likely it's the dyes/ caffeine in the candies and chocolates that are causing the hyperactivity, not the sugar

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