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  1. Chinese characters take zero skill, tbh the only reason why samurai lose every faction war is because the class is dogshit compared to every other class in the game, I feel bad for the aramusha players specifically because they have horrible unblockables and they only have 2 and then the full stance unblockable

  2. We call these assassins because they 1 shot us for some reason

  3. Not trying to be rude, but I don’t see anything special about these clips.

  4. It’s just funny cause the invisible dude tried to catch me lacking

  5. I used to get raging boners when I would grind with hot girls at high school dances and clubs and shit. I just never cared though and I would just keep on grinding. The girls didn’t care too, and it was definitely obvious. I actually think they kind of liked it. They never just stopped dancing when they felt it. Totally different it happens during an unsuspecting hug though.

  6. I won’t eat it, take out bell peppers and move everything down and have dragon’s breath in the center, then I’ll eat it

  7. Sounds like a brain thing to me, im no doctor but you may wanna see a neurologist

  8. There’s a surgery to have them break your legs and put rods between them to extend and put space between the broken bone parts and have bone grow in between, excruciatingly painful but if you wanna be tall that bad, go for it

  9. The front isn’t horrible, but the back is gross

  10. Why everyone hate the f8? I love it, looks better than the 812 superfast

  11. I could make u a new account with some coins/gems if u want. Im still in a old version of the game, where buying things increase my coins/gems

  12. Aye man, imo, good for the youth to be getting action while they’re young, dumb and still experiencing, and good for the people who wanna wait, both sides can have their lives go wrong because of the path they’ve chosen, I lost my virginity at 13, in some ways I regret it, in some ways I don’t, at the same time, I’m glad I lost it young because at least my 1st time wasn’t rape or someone giving me an std or both, I sympathize for those who have gone through such things and I have an appreciation for the fact that I had a good first time at a young age, as long as you’re being careful and safe, go have your fun, never at anyones expense tho

  13. Difficulty 50 isnt hard to get to nor does it take long lol. I wasn't being a douche, you are just taking it personal when its not even aimed at you. Stop being a snow flake holy. I got to difficulty 122 in 6 hours so gives you an idea, also your point is invalid since you can just pause the game and leave it anyway.

  14. On PlayStation, haven’t encountered anything like this, if it happens to me, it’s cause of my wifi

  15. I hope you never encounter it. It is unfortunate but ehh.. the game is still a lot of fun.

  16. Fr, my PSN is ICY_S41NT, and recently I got better wifi and have encountered no problems

  17. I’d like it if you could claim challenges and switch challenges mid run, that’s it, weapons are fine as they are, they should make bosses more accessible, add vaulting mechanics so that when you almost make a jump, you can just vault onto the ledge instead of just sliding off, and maybe even let you have permanent hacks, like implementing a mod system such as warframe’s, if they did that, it’d be awesome, make unique weapons way stronger but also rarer, to compensate for the fact that their ammo can’t replenish nor can they be starter weapons, make them like opportunity weapons, as for the biomes and whatnot, im sure they’ll make more as time goes on and as they update the game, make the story more accessible and add new modes/events, ofc for us to suggest so much early on is selfish seeing as the game is very very new, however I’m sure if any devs take a look at these, I’m sure they’d appreciate the ideas, but it’s better to make suggestions and requests rather than demands so everyone keep in mind to be kind to devs as their jobs are hard as is and be grateful to the awesome game they’ve given us

  18. Not only that, as far I I can tell there is no way to disable adaptive triggers on the PS5?

  19. You have to fix it from your ps5 settings, you go to settings>accessories>controllers and then idk the name of the setting but it’s in there and it’s one of the things that get set to strong if you have a headset on or the mic is muted for the controller pretty much

  20. True, but there are games where I like to have adaptive triggers so I'd have to change it every time I play one of those games. There should be an option in th game's setting to disable it, imo.

  21. Ofc but it’s such a hard thing to implement, small simple things have to be worked around the code so intricately so to not create more glitches. Like adding vaulting to the game would be amazing but it’s hard

  22. Ageism is an invalid term. Same as fatphobia, there’s a difference between making fun of someone/something or bullying them and prejudice.

  23. Use the vision and go for the blue one, use 4 shards blue red or green and activate it.

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