1. that’s actually a pretty impressive get with The Killers, especially when their last was Hilltop Hoods

  2. The height and scale of that new grandstand is almost frightening. Looks incredible

  3. Very very weird setlist. Hard to Explain as a opener dosent really work, surely that’s a big moment near the end of the set? A encore with The Modern Age and Whatever Happened is so strange as they feel like early set songs. Glad we got Last Nite but super disappointed there was no Bad Decisions or NYC Cops. Selfless needs to go from the set.

  4. The triple j broadcast started with Hard to Explain but they had played Bad Decisions, New York City Cops and Juicebox before it

  5. Far out that was seriously nasty crash for Tony Quinn

  6. The Alfa has a 2010 Mercedes-like roll hoop, where it’s more like a pole than a traditional hoop. I do wonder if that contributed to the failure.

  7. Roll hoop failed before it even made contact with the fence, Alfa Romeo have quite a unique air intake structure where it’s more like a pole than the rounded hoop.

  8. Don’t hate the livery, but I feel like the headlights haven’t really translated well from design concepts to the real thing.

  9. Never really rated Jacobson that highly to be honest. Seems like a good enough person, but he’s been around for a few years now and hasn’t really shown much yet. Won Super 2, but in the year that Tickford had brand new FG X Falcons which dominated all of the old machinery that competitors had. Le Brocq well and truly had the speed on him that year, but found himself in too many accidents. Then finished the next season in 6th, before entering the the main game and not yet finishing the season in the top 20.

  10. With Optus my reception was almost always terrible, apart from a couple of hours each morning. My friends on Telstra has it much better

  11. Gotta laugh cause their drummer James Ireland has been the in the US with Scarlett from San Cisco for a little while now lol, so don’t know when this was recorded

  12. It’s been so long since a Death Grips release that it feels like a mini generation has passed

  13. Far out my heart sank the moment I saw the slow car

  14. Sorta neat how they’ve separated the DJs from the live acts on the lien up

  15. What A Great Punk from the These New South Whales guys is a great pod, very casual. They had a heap of guests from the Triple J scene, San Cisco, Methyl Ethel, Amyl and heaps more, plus a bunch of Australian comedians too.

  16. I remember hearing a story, more probably an urban legend, of van being blown over the edge of a bridge in the US when I was younger. Anytime after that when I was a kid, the West Gate sacred the shit out of me

  17. Keen for some Toro Y Moi sideshows, assuming he’d go out with flume

  18. Hell yeah, had a feeling he’d been on eventually

  19. Not huge on it considering I quite like Caroline Polachek, just doesn’t really go anywhere

  20. oof that final corner could’ve been much worse when JC came back across the track, the folks at the final corner got their money worth this morning

  21. People complaining about video packages like they’ve never had pre match promos before

  22. In a way, Grateful Dead. Here in Australia they’re nowhere near the cultural icons that they are in the US, so I had heard of them, knew a few of the big songs, but had never really known of much of the phenomena around them.

  23. When Poppy started getting big in her scene, I had her mixed up with Boxxy and thought she was doing well for herself now lmao

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