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  1. Since this is the most recent/popular Sigma post, I might as well just ask, could CS not afford to hire Sigma’s JP voice actress in order to voice Simga’s Awakened version or something? Seems really off that an Awakened unit of all characters isn’t even voiced (excluding the KR dubs).

  2. So what this is essentially is an endurance stream/challenge to try to get championship with all 24 legends (playable characters). So 8 victories in total with each of the 3 team members choosing/using a different legend.

  3. It essentially means victory/1st place in the battle royale match. So yeah, getting 8 Victories with all characters is going to be tough lol

  4. Overall aesthetic wise, #1. As for her most iconic outfit, it’s her OG design.

  5. Can uh... can we get a link to the image on that phone?... asking for a friend

  6. In my opinion it’s all about common interest aligning. It’s pretty easy to make friends with other Holo fans since you already share the same hobby. Much more so if you both have the same favorite talent(s)/oshi(s). Hoshiyomi for example, love Suisei’s music, so starting up/joining in on conversations relating to her music (or music in general) is one of the simpler ways to interact with other fans. Do it often enough and eventually you’ll naturally be integrated into the group/community and make friends.

  7. I find you literally everywhere Zero. Even though I haven't been actively animating anymore, our paths cross quite often

  8. POV: You’re Holo merch that has been commandeered by the Houshou Pirate crew and Senchou is the reason why said merch hasn’t arrived in over six months

  9. Excuse me while I kneel in reverence to Lapsama‘s greatness! 🧎‍♂️

  10. I love that the comparison they used for the size of the studio is “more than 10 tennis courts” xD

  11. Honestly massive respects for being able to push out a hotfix so quickly and making this Collab happen! 🙏

  12. If the Hot Crazy Matrix chart is anything to go off of, Mumei is easily a 10…

  13. If unique swimsuits were still a thing then I’m pretty sure this would be pretty close to what the actual design would be, knowing Lapsama’s style xD

  14. As a dedicated Hoshiyomi myself, who am I to deny getting personally axed by my Oshi!

  15. Yagoo practically looked at the Holo Minecraft server and was like: ”Sou desunee… we could make an entire city out of this.”

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