1. TF is wrong with bleached papers?

  2. The save edited dungeon The one that everyone uses

  3. Tbf, the hunter is actually “immortal” where is Wolf has a limited amount of revives.

  4. If the Hunter is “immortal” so is wolf, they both respawn at the lamps/idol. Only difference is wolf has 2-3 chances to get straight back up again before fully resetting

  5. Wolf is only immortal because the player loses. The hunter is immortal as long as their consciousness is attached the the hunters dream, like the player.

  6. Yeah the Hunter has more heals and a greater health pool. Also a few visceral attacks would probably kill wolf if he wasn’t able to parry the bullets. So it’s a bit more even that I initially thought as well

  7. Isagi plays nothing like Sae. The only thing they have in common is timely passes and metavision.

  8. Yeah Isagi’s playing more like Kaiser than he is to Sae. He’s only not scored because his own teammates have been blocking/stealing his goals

  9. Nah if anything Isagi’s playing more like Kaiser than he is Sae

  10. In my opinion, i think its pretty good, ill give it a 7.5 out of 10 tbh

  11. Yeah I’d give it a solid 8. I still think that the first part of tokyo ghoul was better than Re

  12. It’s more about nostalgia and obtaining something rare or unique than just having a shiny. No wonder everyone who plays this game is such a loser

  13. Very ironic coming from the biggest loser in this thread

  14. All this man knows about is shiny sprites and childhood sports. That's where he thinks it hits the hardest I guess lmfao.

  15. Yeah they’re really fixated on the participation trophies thing I’m not sure why though lmao

  16. No, I said if you have a prescription THAT ALLOWS IT then it’s fine you know a prescription like ibuprofen or Zofran a weed prescription for wouldn’t allow it

  17. Yeah obviously a weed prescription wouldn’t allow it. So then why bother mentioning prescriptions in the first place?

  18. I have tried some spear and the extendable saw cleaver what would you recommend

  19. If you mean the saw spear or saw cleaver then I’d stick with one of those. They’re really good and have pretty simple move sets. Plus they’re both serrated which means they inflict extra damage against beasts

  20. This chapter kind of implies that she does. She outright says "nope" when Ozawa asks if Nobara likes Yuji, but then she feels a skip in her heartbeat and then basically asks herself "why tf did I feel that." So she denies it but I think she does like him a bit without realizing.

  21. You missed Yveltal which is great for raids and PvP

  22. They didn’t miss it, it’s just in B+ for some reason

  23. Grid format for the inventory, am I missing something?

  24. Top right of your inventory there’s a toggle now to turn it into a grid. Lots of people like it for some reason but I find it a downgrade in almost every way simply because when I delete items I like that the list only moves up and down. With that nonsense grid moving left to right and up to down I would for sure accidentally trash whole stacks of stuff I didn’t intend to click on.

  25. Yeah I just looked and I’m with you the list is way better. The grid definitely looks nicer but I’d probably accidentally trash some stuff too

  26. The ex president who's dick you'd die to suck is fat. I'm 6' 140 pounds. You can call me the f slur if it makes you feel better though, I am gay.

  27. Who tf was talking about trump in these comments? You’re fighting ghosts my guy

  28. No way! It’s illegal to sell weed illegally? Who would have guessed

  29. Into Cathedral of the Deep, there's a hidden place where you drop down from the arch on the roof, and in that place there's a door leading to a bonfire and to Rosaria, a character that will give you the ability to respecc your stats, but you need Pale Tongues, and you get 5 in a NG run. This is all I know, hope this helps a bit

  30. I think I might vaguely know where you’re talking about. Is it anywhere near that guy lowers the bridge so you’re back down in the part with the giants?

  31. It's on the top of the cathedral, where there are 2 or 3 big beefy Knight guys with their huge squareish shields, the ones that look like crusade knights, don't know how to better describe it

  32. I’ll go back and have a look around. Thanks man

  33. No, I don't understand the lore fully as well, but iirc, Ebritas was a great one minding her own business doing her own thing and somehow ended up in Yharnam. The Choir was the one who did wacky and uncharacteristic experiments using her blood, and I'm pretty sure the healing blood was created from her blood as well.

  34. The tomb prospectors branch of the healing church found her in the tomb of the gods/chalice dungeons I think. Then they took her to the choir for research. It’s been a long time since I looked at the lore so I may be wrong

  35. It was the choir that were experimenting on the children in the orphanage

  36. There is no question? Who pissed in your cornflakes

  37. I've been assuming it was an additive thing, so if a Pokèmon has x/45 IVs, that's what determines the star rating, but I've just never taken the time to actually learn that threshold

  38. A rating of 80%-99% is equivalent to a 3* mon. So it must have at least 36/45 iv points

  39. That blaziken is going to be a beast on Saturday

  40. I know it'll be tough but let him drown in his life for a while don't expect anything from him and make him believe that you'll stand by him no matter what, if he really cares about you he'll eventually do your bidding or else be prepared for the worst.

  41. You need to have a legendary buddy to spawn zoru?

  42. Oh, I just thought he was an event that happens 4 times a year

  43. Nah Giovanni is available all year round, they just change what legendary he has every 4 months or so

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