1. Shoot. As a person with Treatment Resistant PTSD. I am a ghost.πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»lol

  2. Gnarly. Thank you for sharing OP. Some 50 year old sudds for the win!!!

  3. I would freeze dry it then very carefully place it into a water tight clear container then fill the reservoir with a fast setting epoxy resin. You will have a preserved cola forever and always.

  4. Fuck that headset. You'll be breaking through in conscious reality with that bad boy! Fuck Kanye too.😹

  5. This card slaps. I hope they do an English run of these. That would be amazing. Awesome card!100% β˜€οΈ

  6. Freeze and Clawback are both enabled...😹 no thank you.

  7. We will disable it,, anything else you don't like?

  8. Yea, i do. Make sure you are using valid eye protection chief. Otherwise before long you wont be seeing anything. Beautiful grow! ✌️

  9. Other than snapping this pic I don't catch myself in the room with em on

  10. It is an entire thing over in England. I thought it sounded gross until i dropped 3ml of canna oil into my black coffee and boom. Something about the heat and the caffeine make the edible kick in tuff style. Try it sometime.✌️

  11. They do make un-salted butter. It all has very similar mouth feel. Oil and water. I don't think coffee is oily or fatty enough, you would infuse the cream or milk or oil. Not the coffee though. No shade here. Allthebest!

  12. Neither, its not my product.. and its art colored and flavored. I sampled the stuff and really didnt like it, but if its selling.. Some ones smoking it.

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