1. I know, I always thought that last scene was fucking hilarious though. Just pours the whole thing in his mouth with Dumbledore holding a wand to his face 😂

  2. This is like sleeping in the middle of the road and expecting to wake up at the same place. But you know the general consensus who’ll blame the rich which in this case would be the car owner

  3. I saw it once, guy lying on the road with his head tucked up on his arms. It was a fast lane, i was on scooty and noped around him, few other cars were also doing it, don't know what happened, but it was scary af.

  4. Use some lube like coconut oil (non fragrance one) and it will go in like butter. Try organic cold press coconut oil.

  5. I just edit it out. To me it's not worth installing something that takes up the space to delete something so miniscule.

  6. That's what i do, but i take a lot of screenshots for work purposes.

  7. Thanks bro i guess around 10 including all accessories.

  8. been victim of this case in is called the vibe and girl name is alivia bishwas

  9. Her sorry to hear that and i bet that isn't the girl's real name. Would you mind sharing your story?

  10. Why can't they print this shit, why write like one of those grocery store receipt

  11. Definitely get a dual dash cam. I was side swiped on my bike by an auto trying to overtake. Thankfully, my crash guard saved it. Only 500 for repairs ( new crash guard + mirror ).

  12. Seems like The deal with MS is paying off for toyota big time... no one understands Indian market better than MS.

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