1. I must’ve gotten a bad batch when I had this, because I tasted nothing, and was upset. Might have to try it again. Buds were pretty, and the high was good, but literally no taste. These comments are telling me that it was just the batch it seems.

  2. Might be worth another shot, but I can’t say I would go for it, again. The taste did become more pronounced after a week with a Boveda. It was grinding to saw dust because it was so dry.

  3. I had a jar of this about two months ago that was among the best weed I’ve had in my life. Managed to find two more since then and while they were both excellent they didn’t quite live up to that first one

  4. The terpenes you mentioned conflict w/their website's listed terps before they removed it for some strange reason & I highly doubt farnesene is the dominant terp, I don't believe that's even biologically possible.

  5. Per their website it is noted that there are “high” amounts of farnasene. They list primary terps in the following order: farnasene, caryophyllene, limonene.

  6. A uniquely balanced flower with potent effects. Deeply relaxing with clarity of mind, glad I grabbed it.

  7. I loved this one! It's literally tasted like fruity pebbles.

  8. Ummmmm is this a packaging sub reddit? Like i see no marijuana in this post

  9. I was so medicated, yesterday, I didn’t get to a picture. Thought I could come back today and add one, but I can’t.

  10. Rise Madison, Lakewood. Some unique flower, feeling real nice.

  11. I use mostly indicas and I find that they work for me. I like the following flowers:

  12. I’m not a fan of much of the flower in the program but Woodward usually does it right. Sometimes it’s a little dryer than I’d like but the quality is usually better than the stuff I’ve gotten from here. I’ve tried their animal mints, animal face, blueberry something… cheesecake maybe?, grapehead and robots. Don’t like sativas that much but their grapehead was great. The only one I wouldn’t get again/recommend is robots. Only got one batch though so it could have been the batch.

  13. I recently picked Woodward Sunset Sherbet, first Woodward pick up, and it was bone dry. Smell was on point and effects were decent. I have been rehydrating with a Boveda so that should help moving forward.

  14. The past three years, stress and having covid twice has aged me and destroyed me physically and mentally..

  15. Keep pressing on. I have had COVID twice, as well. The cognitive damage is no joke. Promoting neurogenesis through exercise and fasting is my focus these days. Exercise has been tough to get back into, though. I know the pain, looking back to where I once was, compared to now. “To them that overcome…”

  16. I fasted for 24 hours once a week, and intermittent fast with a eating window of 7am to 2pm, today I realised that the jaw exercises and tongue excersises is likely the cure to my insomia and not the fasting, at least 5 drs say I dont have sleep apnea, and a a test wasnt able to confirm but, I have TMJ and this is the cause of my jaw going backwards when I sleep resulting in obstruction of the airway, so today I spent hours saying AEIOU while looking up at the ceiling to strengthen my jaw and throat muscles, im going to do this everyday for 2 weeks, If I am sleeping for 7 to 8 hours then this positve that I was suffering from sleep apnea.

  17. Thank you for the detailed reply. How mg’s do you currently take?

  18. I would. Was it an Artifact jar or 2.83? Typically I only buy Artifact because it’s consistent.

  19. Thanks for sharing. I use Boveda but these seem way more cost effective!

  20. alien pebbles from galenas is a myrcene monster right now. nearly 3% myrcene alone. buckeye super sour orange, dosidos, nyc flo, garlic breath ive all seen commonly over 1% for the top terp.

  21. With all that myrcene in Alien Pebbles, how were the effects for you?

  22. Thanks for sharing! Can you post a picture of the terpene profile? Also, how would you describe the effects? Seems more Sativa dominant based on the lineage.

  23. Hot diggity! Can’t believe I passed on an Artifact of this. Some reviews said it was Sativa leaning and I went Indica, but with all that Myrcene is has to have a heavy effect.

  24. I really enjoy this one, as well. For me, it was a pretty unique experience. Would love to get the opportunity to sample in Artifact form.

  25. Look at that cannon, good one!! Would you say this is Type 2? I have been interested in sampling myself but I’m after Type 3.

  26. Shazzaaam!! Great shot! How would you describe the effects? Also, would you consider it to be more Type 2?

  27. That looks quite frosty! So would this be more of a type 2?

  28. Glad to hear, sounds like a winner! I can relate, stressful times. Have been trying to find a heavy-handed hemp knockout to quell some of the tension, but haven’t landed something that suits me.

  29. How do the Arizers hit compared to the Mighty? Anyone have experience with both?

  30. Better quality sleep, but it really depends on the strain. There's some that feel too intense for my body to be at ease.

  31. Final review: At $16.25/gram, paying this price for weed makes me sick. Was it worth it? It’s definitely great flower and in no way disappointing

  32. This post inspired me to look and I found a dispensary close to me with this and 2nd breakfast artifact. So anyway I’m going to the dispensary again tonight. The 2nd breakfast jar I had a couple weeks ago was among the top 5 single best weeds I’ve seen in my life. I hope it’s the same batch. And fuck it got to try the pebbles too

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