1. Mike O’Hearn is exactly what is wrong with our sport. He is a liar and a piece of shit, like 90% of the people in our industry.

  2. How in the fuck do you have 19% body fat while being 153 pounds at 5 foot 8??? something is not adding up to me..

  3. good calories? only thing that matter is calories in/out. If you want to gain mass by lean bulking than find your tdee. There are calculators that can help you just google it. Follow the macros it tell you (most important being protein) it's really THAT simple. bulk 30 pounds while seriously weight training for close to around 10 months (do not try to go faster, if your natural you will only be adding unneeded fat). once you've done that than cut down to a weight you feel more comfortable at and than rinse and repeat. That's literally it. watch the scale and go for the 30 pounds over 10 months (it'll almost all be muscle if your weight training properly)

  4. Cruise is 100-200mg per week. Blast is 500-600mg per week.

  5. Lol I’m injecting about 1.2g of gear a week and thinking “fuck this is a lot”

  6. IMO it's not a little but the further you get into the lifestyle the more you need just to not plateau.i can't picture 12 fucking grams a week. That's 10x what your on. His heart has to be the size of his head. I'd be getting bloods drawn every 5 minutes lol

  7. Me too. I can’t even picture that amount. Be funny if he was doing it in one injection with a 10 cc syringe haha.

  8. That would be hilarious 🤣 he might as well just get a set up like bane from Batman has Lmao.

  9. But, doesn't that take forever to push the plunger down? T is so thick, that I've only used a 23g because it only takes about 5 seconds to inject .5 ml.

  10. Warm the bottle of T and it'll draw and inject quicker.

  11. This isn’t 1994… no one measures estrogen anymore. It’s completely irrelevant

  12. Where are you getting your info??? Completely incorrect

  13. No. Some of us know What the fuck we’re doing and have great coaches. Check out my IG if you don’t believe me. It’s listed in my profile. Week to week I post

  14. Good work man. Serious question though... Your saying that your genetics and work ethic alone with no steroid use is enough to be able to gain 3 to 5 pounds of mass a week?

  15. I never said that. I’m not natural. My trt clinic prescribed test and at the moment 6 weeks post show that’s what I’m on. The difference is that i follow my coach, Dave Crossland, to the tee. That’s all he has me on. Nothing more and nothing less. He has me training very intensive and food is abundant.

  16. That's a very good point Lmao. They make sure you KNOW their natty by telling you about 85 fucking times lol. I'm on test as well and train PPL. No rest days unless really needed. An hour and a half to two hours a day. I'm not super strong but have gotten decent size. Every time I try to add more and more food I seem to be gaining fat. Maybe I'm adding too much at a time instead of spreading it out enough. Anyway, on a serious note congrats on the physique man! Definitely beast mode. 👌💪💪

  17. I am. Lifetime natural. Doing an OCB show September 24th in Mass.

  18. I disliked your response a ton at first but imma humble myself and say this is a solid answer.

  19. Someone had to....this is my rest day and I had to get my grindset on still.

  20. Using a TDEE calculator, your estimated sedentary maintenance calories is about 2000. Walking every day and lifting weights will use even more calories, like maybe an extra 300-500 a day, so your 2500 calories would really just keep you at maintenance overall. Maybe bump it up to 2700. Your actual TDEE will vary based on your actual physiology and activity, so you should monitor your weight over a month or two and then adjust your calories up or down a few hundred depending on whether you feel you’re gaining weight too fast or too slow. You might also up your calories if your lifts stagnate for several weeks.

  21. Push downs, cable skull crushers, overhead cable, single arm push downs

  22. Your doing enough for sure. I guess I would try to hit heavy flat bench as my first push exercise of the day. Go as heavy as you can for sets of 10 to 12 reps. With it being the first exercise you'll be able to hit it harder because you'll be fresh.

  23. You can't tell if he's doing enough by just asking what exercises he does lmao. It's about VOLUME, not the amount of exercises. I swear this fucking sub is worse than

  24. Hey smart one... I meant enough variety.. Your correct though this sub is getting there.

  25. I wouldn't trust that. If the little gets a bit of courage....

  26. 39??? No way. You can't be a day over 30! Gorgeous! And good job!

  27. I think she looks awesome. Could've been maybe a LITTLE leaner but much more and she'd have been a skeleton.

  28. I’m not, I’ve been on trt for one year. I had super duper low natural T levels. And it’s not a natural show! I don’t expect to place, I just want to have the experience, I’ve only been lifting for 2 ish years.

  29. Are you natural? Is it a natural competition??

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