1. How do you do voice training?? Like, what do you actually do to train your voice?

  2. YouTube voice training will be your best friend

  3. I wanna start voice training,how can i start it(videos,apps,...)? I cant get it before being followed by a psichologist or i can?

  4. All you need from r voice training is some YouTube guides, and to record your voice, but having help is always a good thing!

  5. Idk why, but my brain immediately went to f1nn5ster when talking about thumb’s because of how long his thumbs are

  6. I am honestly sorry if I offended anyone before

  7. Okay, so you’re going to need about 300 gallons of cooking oil mixed with a single baby fire dragon claw… it has to be from the baby dragon! Else the mixture will be to powerful!

  8. I am sorry to disagree, doing DIY HRT saved my life, I know this is a bit of fun, but honestly not everyone has official roots to have HRT and if you do that is a privilege you have. You shouldn't shame people for not having the opportunity you may have.

  9. It wasn’t my intention to shame those who have no other choice, I was simply expressing that I personally have extreme anxiety and my brain couldn’t decide which was the worse option, despite knowing that if I can get help from professionals, I should

  10. As alright as a trans girl who lives with a family who is anti-lgbt can be

  11. "whell paying job" "going to college" i wished that i had the mental strenght for even considering that

  12. Hey it’s okay to not have a lot of mental strength at times, just know that whatever you need, myself and many others on this subreddit are here to support you.

  13. Ever seen the movie Inside Out?Basically think that

  14. It’s nearly 100° in Florida right now? It’s January

  15. It was high 80’s, but with the humidity and broken ac, it felt like a lot more

  16. Fellow Floridian here. Can I interest you in the dysphoria poncho? Still baggy, with good coverage, but more airflow.

  17. teleports behind you I’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty

  18. I got mine done at Claire’s in the nearby mall

  19. Do cis women have multiple arms? Have they been hiding them this whole time?

  20. Obviously! Why do you think they have such thick thighs? It’s to hide the extra arms!

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