1. "60% of the mammals on Earth by weight are livestock. Humans account for 36%, wild mammals for just 4%". That's amazing. 96% of the world's mammals are either us or bred and killed for our benefit.

  2. 'By weight' makes it a bit misleading, though. Cows weigh a lot, and a huge number of mammal species are tiny but have large populations. I'd be interested to see the total by number of organisms.

  3. I'm a bit puzzled by the "and I'm a guy". Would your dad be all right with it if you were female?

  4. Standing next to one of his favourite poets (at one point, anyway).

  5. I'm somewhat neutral so dont take this as gospel but he's doing what you'd expect Coady to do, be bloody solid, consistent and hard to play against. Think the fact he can comfortably play in a 5 man defence is a really underrated quality they should make more use of.

  6. Just heard this version by Levon Helm for the first time and thought it was worth sharing.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Do you know when this was recorded? Doesn’t sound like Leon on vocals to me…

  8. https://www.allmusic.com/album/the-midnight-ramble-sessions-vol-3-mw0002434685

  9. United in the 6th round, then it's as good as ours!

  10. If you're interested in the Carthy-Waterson dynasty or English folk music more generally, I recommend this. I found it interesting, touching and occasionally surprising.

  11. If you can use BBC Iplayer and you're interested in English folk music, I recommend this. I found it interesting, touching and occasionally surprising.

  12. Just a joke because an illiterate (but that's not an insult, just a common trope. Similar to Dickens Mrs Malaprop) using the wrong word with unintentional humour. Terry Pratchett uses the same thing. Hell, I've done it enough times without realising.

  13. The original Mrs Malaprop was in Sheridan's The Rivals.

  14. You might get bonus points if you reference Mrs Malaprop and Pratchett ;)

  15. Or even Dogberry from Much Ado About Nothing.

  16. I remember reading an interview with Miicky where he said Electric Flag was more impressive than cream. Dead were really impressed with Flag.

  17. Is that when Bloomfield was still with the Flag?

  18. Definitive. Ira Gershwin said “I never knew how good our songs were until I heard Ella Fitzgerald sing them.”

  19. no actually, Carl Raddle the only sober guy there revealed that when the drummer Jim Gordon wrote this piece him and Rita Colidge didnt even knew each other, but started dating few months after the band broke up. It was an attempt to make some money since by Rita since the song went on to be highly successful

  20. And the riff from Layla was by Duane Allman.

  21. People would always ask me I would say sorry I don't smoke then they act like I'm lying I just said I don't smoke So how is that hard to believe?

  22. A lad I went to uni with 15 years ago happened to play the trombone. He used to go out busking in the city centre at weekends - his effective hourly rate would run into hundreds of pounds on a good day. Far better than my shitty job for £4.50 an hour in subway.

  23. Food is actually a handicap when you're playing the trombone.

  24. It starts with a smile, then you take it out for a meal. Next thing you know you'll be hobnobbing.

  25. Surely it would be easier to buy a new one, then break that? You're welcome.

  26. Clarification, please: is it still too soon to include Queen's Park or has a sufficiently respectful period passed now?

  27. Presumably the cheese, lettuce, pickles, sauces and fries are also made of beef.

  28. Instead of announcing this they should have just made a 1/5lb burger

  29. Or they could have combined the 1/4 pounder and 1/3 pounder into a massive 1/7 pounder. Everybody wins!

  30. A pretty dark moment is Frasier's Edge, in which he talks to Prof Tewkesbury about his existential crisis in the light of his lifetime achievement award, but never finds a satisfactory resolution.

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