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  1. The photo is of the Watersons, English (mostly) vocal folk group.

  2. On QI Alan Davies said once that he used to frequent a pub that advertised "Liquor in the front, poker in the rear".

  3. My favourite is This Was, their first and probably their most bluesy album. Mick Abrahams was still a member and Tull was more of a group, not so much Ian Anderson and friends as it became later.

  4. The album King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank Zappa (1969) is pretty damn good too. Not just one of the best things in Ponty's catalogue, but in Zappa's too.

  5. Lego is a noun surely? It's a brand name.

  6. "And with Niles, it would only take two minutes".

  7. If physical limitations like death are ignored, if we ignore the potential for ego clashes and if the definition of prog rock can be stretched a little:

  8. Look! Down there! Is it a fish? Is it a dolphin? No, it's Otterman!

  9. I was going to suggest the hat, but yes that works also

  10. Forget the hat. I've got a piece of furniture just like that I put my feet on while I'm watching TV. £25 and it's yours.

  11. Anybody know if Dylan and Ferry ever met? I have a suspicion Bob would find him unbearably superficial, but that may be because that's my own view of him.

  12. I like that episode myself. Best of luck to you both.

  13. Simon!tbh all of Daphnes family were just awful characters

  14. A word of support from me for Daphne's dad. Reasonably funny and didn't outstay his welcome.

  15. The wildlife is amazing since we did this. I see various types of bees everyday. Plenty of Ladybirds and hover flies, birds. I spotted a Robin the other day. The odd Dragonfly to.

  16. Yes Butterflies too, mostly white/yellow ones. Not sure of the name.

  17. I probably learn more and get more interesting angles from the journalists than the ex-players.

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