1. Don't attract attention to yourself. In fact, it might be better if you delete your post.

  2. Or Walcott and taking chances when he didn't have enough time to think about them. Give him an extra second and he would reliably balls it up.

  3. John Hopoate and inserting his fingers into the anus of opposing players. Oops wrong sport

  4. A bit tangential but seeing Rotherham fans always reminds me of when I was at your (very nice, in fairness) stadium back in 2016 or so when Warnock was in charge. We drew 2-2. Two take aways:

  5. Re your point 1, it would be good to see some club (not BCFC, obviously) playing recordings of canned laughter at appropriate times.

  6. If you have recommendations or requests, I’m glad to make accommodations 👍🏻 I will be adding to them as time passes too.

  7. Have you thought of doing a playlist putting all his more humorous tracks together?

  8. What can you expect? The 'War On Drugs' more generally has been such a roaring success.

  9. They must have got a better offer from the tobacco companies

  10. For those of us in Britain, the first few Beatles albums released in the US were compilations up to Yesterday ... And Today, and also including Magical Mystery Tour and Hey Jude.

  11. As well as the Dylan sessions and the first couple of Butterfield albums, the first Electric Flag album (A Long Time Comin') was also pretty damn good.

  12. Would be good to have a statue with the inscription "Don't follow leaders".

  13. the soundtrack would have been killer

  14. Track Two, The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bilbo

  15. Two of the best love songs ever written, no less

  16. Which are you leaving out, Something, Layla or Wonderful Tonight?

  17. But all you have to say is “hand on heart I honestly did not slap him” and you will get away with it

  18. I was at no point advised that slapping him would be against guidance.

  19. Surprisingly too good? Arsenal. Surprisingly terrible? Chelsea.

  20. Reflects the standard of management of each. I'm not criticising Potter, I'm talking about the whole structures and ethos of the clubs.

  21. It's Alright Ma and It's All Over Now Baby Blue from the end of Bringing It All Back Home, then first track of Highway 61 Revisited, Like A Rolling Stone.

  22. Hmm, I like what you did here. Id almost definitely agree, if it counts.

  23. I'll take that. You asked the question, so whether it counts is up to you.

  24. Always thought Good Night was written by Paul until recently, had no idea it was John

  25. Woman is the kind of song that John made fun of Paul for writing.

  26. Paul also wrote a song called Woman, as recorded by Peter & Gordon

  27. Panahar was pretty poor. My standards are elevated though cos I've got Indian parents who both cook really well.

  28. You're the sort of person whose opinions we want most.

  29. If you under 5ft you gotta get greased up for the annual slipnslide

  30. I don't know if you can get it in the US, but there is also a BBC radio show called Museum Of Curiosity which might interest you. It has three guests a week, each asked what they would donate to a hypothetical museum. It is always chaired by John Lloyd (producer of QI) and his assistant changes each series, but currently it is Anna Ptaszynski (one of the elves). Do you know there is also

  31. That’s not true cause it’s always packed

  32. and you probably wouldn't be allowed to take a photo in Cabot Circus.

  33. Quirky? It might help if we knew what you want to describe.

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