1. I'm going to assume you don't have any mods that change the main menu.

  2. It's currently downloading the version 1.26 update file, maybe the Creation Club option on the menu will show up after that's updated?

  3. Oh, i missed the fact it was on Playstation. And you are installing from a PS4 disc? Then, yes, it is Special Edition, and once the update downloads you should have access to Creation Club and your upgrade.

  4. Thank you so much! I was fearing the worst, thank you again. :)

  5. For me (mobile app user), the one unit I have that carries me through everything the most is Kadaj (FF VII Advent Children/Advent Children Complete).

  6. I got the same problem a week ago, use clear cache option in the game title screen to fix it. Dont use clear cache setting from your phone, didnt work for me.

  7. Thank you for the advice! I appreciate it a lot. Now I have a fix for when it happens again :)

  8. Were you on mobile earlier, and it 'fixed itself' on wifi? That happens to me frequently...

  9. I was on mobile earlier yeah, but it was kinda strange. I had my wifi on, but it kept crashing. Kept trying every now and then, and one time it just loaded.

  10. My first shiny in Scarlet! Did the Masuda method (I don't have the shiny charm and there was no sparkling power sandwiches). She was the fifteenth egg, so I'm very lucky to have her.

  11. I'm happy to take you up on that offer. I do want a miraidon for keeps, and I have a spare Koraidon if you are still searching?

  12. Arcanine is definitely my favourite. Always had one on my team when I could ever since HGSS.

  13. Sorry for the delay, if you still need one, link me a code here when you’re ready!

  14. Called me a "fat washed up wh**e" repeatedly, told me I was ugly and everything else under the sun. Told me to wash their dishes. A constant repeated stream of it.

  15. You should have just said, "I'll have you know my dishes are already clean, young man!"

  16. Sure, I can help. I operate on Australian Eastern Standard time if that's okay. :)

  17. Literally anywhere except Valentine and perhaps Saint Dennis is relatively safe. Those 2 towns are were people go explicitly to shoot at eachother for 30 min, because they make a dick test on who chickens out first.

  18. Rhodes is also a shitshow sometimes, I've gone there plenty of times and been attacked for no reason.

  19. Honestly I only liked and got emotionally attached to Arven and Koraidon. I didn't like the others personally.

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