1. 16th Street Mall used to be awesome, everything changed after weed became legal. It used to be a chill place to spend a day, now it’s unthinkable.

  2. I was there one night they protested in-house by stopping work on a busy Friday evening and gathering signatures.

  3. On this note, have you heard that the trees outside Lidl in Finnieston are going to be felled to allow for a new development? So much for having a large Green presence within the council. I think there are almost 30 trees that will go, evicting birds and removing what little green is left in that area. Absolutely criminal.

  4. A local community group saved those trees. But they are extending that new build already on Minerva all the way over to Finnieston St. What used to be Curry’s will become the Lidl parking lot.

  5. All very practical info and I had a good chuckle too, thank u.

  6. This is how the holocaust began…. Take a marginalized group, make them an enemy, then dehumanize them (makes them easier to exterminate). Hitler called the Jews “vermin”. Hutus called the Tutsis “cockroaches”. Ted Cruz called transgendered people “witches” and a speaker at CPAC said they need to be “eradicated from society”. If I was gay or transgender… I’d be packing my bags and getting out before they build concentration camps. Not hyperbole. This is where we are.

  7. This gets mentioned a lot, but people don’t take it seriously. They are legit playbooking from 1929-33 Germany and the Führerprinzip.

  8. I have wondered if Sasha is being made out to be the front runner, and there will be a "twist" when she's not the winner. I can't see her not being in the top 3/4 though.

  9. I feel this transit will change music streaming services. Hopefully in positive ways so artists get paid better.

  10. I mean this is what I was going to say as well. I’ve now also learned a lot about Chiro.

  11. Genuine question, what about Texas’ culture do you find so appealing. My only experience was on a road trip so too brief to get a good sense.

  12. I’ve visited several times and I’d also ask this question.

  13. Top Left to right: Stevie Nicks, Frida Kahlo, Cher; Bottom left to right: Pamela Colman Smith, Yayoi Kusama, Marsha P. Johnson

  14. Marsha P Johnson, the P stood for Pay it no mind.

  15. Really? Hmm. That’s the only one I know of atm.

  16. Oh also! There is one AMAZING LGBT lawyer here (who happens to be PeeWee Herman’s sister for real!) and she’s definitely going to throw her hat into the fray

  17. My mom worked for her when she assisted the team that got gay marriage passed. Hopefully she will set her sites on this. I can’t believe this news.

  18. Because Republicans need people to reproduce more slaves to sacrifice up to a dystopian capitalistic society, that will probably be destroyed by climate change anyways.

  19. Oh my FIL is a big time Trumper, the guy believes Democrats made climate change up, I wish I were joking.

  20. My family think we ‘maybe’ have a pollution prob but not climate instability or global warming despite the temp where they are going from 40F to 65F in 24 hrs in Jan. They tell me this news in a surprised fashion but aren’t prepared to admit somethings going on. I remind them of the many conserv lead countries around the world that understand this is real. Makes no difference bc …. Merica.

  21. I'm pretty sure they are trying to keep us distracted from something then again likely answer is their being straight forward. Though a healthy distrust of ones leadership is wise

  22. Maybe it’s ‘priming’ us rather than ‘distracting’ us.

  23. Does anyone else feel like they’re priming us? These official sitings which are being shot down and fully acknowledged by governments etc. Dunno feels like we’re being primed for something coming.

  24. I know. It’s like a drip feed of ambiguous notifications but no money shot.

  25. Been through phases. I’m an advocate for occasional hedonism every now and then. Currently I’ve done dry Jan and looking like I’ll continue. I follow how I feel at the time.

  26. It feels like they are priming us for what’s the come.

  27. Sorry it is a month later, but just returned from a trip, and it was working on the way out….

  28. Aha. Interesting. Expert field reporting anchoredt.

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