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  1. Indian dude here and there’s quite a bit of Indian stores around here. Specifically around Akron or more towards Cleveland. I also loved Toronto as a kid and visit pickerington(I think was it’s name) and Brampton still often! Hope you guys enjoy the area!

  2. Have you seen the white truffle from klutch? 10/10 amazing and one of the only strains I’ve grabbed multiple of

  3. Only had a problem with one cart (assuming you’re talking about carts specifically) but all the others have been solid

  4. What was the problem with the one cart? Just curious. Can pass the word back to the team and try to address whatever it may have been. Thanks for the kind words otherwise.

  5. It was one of the Sunday carts, I don’t remember which but it was crystallized and just didn’t hit. 2 other friends in the program also had the same problem with the same cart

  6. Sir please “stay seated and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle”

  7. So you’d shoot him for swerving? Oh man… sit down, let’s have a talk about the stupid you’ll encounter in the world. Wanna know a secret? You’ll never be able to shoot them unless you want to go night night for a long time or find out who gets to be your future partner behind bars

  8. Idk what I’d do with my Wednesday and saturdays without caring for my lawn lol, any ideas on new hobbies

  9. Sorry to hear about your mk8. If you don't mind me asking, what is wrong with it? I have heard from several people saying that there are major issues with the mk8, but it has all be anecdotal not first hand.

  10. My oil cap randomly blows off, camera works when it wants, same with sensors. Letting off the throttle the car jerks quite a bit and the paint from factory had a giant air bubble they’re supposedly going to fix

  11. Damn, that all sounds pretty terrible. How has it be living with the all touch infotainment? (when you actually had it)

  12. Great actually, I really do love the car. Hate that I love it but can’t have it lol

  13. Just in case anyone was wondering what the Tyson 2.0 Midwest Toad looked like 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I’m a huge Buckeye fan, but Tyson could overtake. Enjoy

  14. Def better than the toad was if anyones deciding between the 2

  15. Nah I mean unless you count iso swab. Tbh been using my boost evo more than my nail and rig

  16. Didn’t read besides the title but If you know the grass type YouTube has every kind of video in the world to make your lawn look insane

  17. I had a minor warrant job done (carnet wasn’t setup properly). What’s up with yours?

  18. Dude that rear view camera has a mind of its own! If I open the driver door after reversing, to get something out of the hatch, that camera should fucking be off. Everyone whining about touch buttons but they ain't talking about the real day-to-day stuff.

  19. They don’t own them! But take it in, I’m sure the camera will be recalled lol

  20. Lmaoooooo my dog was drinking water when this started playing and I thought the other pup was down here too but it was in the video

  21. Mines in the shop and I’m driving a soul-less Passat and am eagerly awaiting its return lol. My 3000 is in getting timing done too so I’m stuck with this garbage loaner (still grateful they had one though)

  22. Haha hopefully you get your car back soon! GTIs are soo fun to drive

  23. Damn you take some fatties but I don’t think I ever seen you rip 2 in 1 yet lmaooo this was nuts brother thanks for letting me join the experience with you

  24. I tried, aweful. Like eating cheap chewy flinstone knock off vitamins. I ate my normal 40mg dose and felt ok effects, not strong for sure..

  25. Do you use edibles often? I take them like 2x a year so I don’t need anything too crazy.

  26. where are you at? might have to more there lol. to be fair tho i’m in socal at the moment

  27. Lololol trust me we’re in wayyyyy different areas. I’m in rural northeast Ohio. Tbh the dealership had 2 Rs when I got my autobahn and they were both getting ready for pickup/shipment to California customers

  28. i’ve seen 3, all sold and at dealerships. highest markup i’ve heard of was $15k over MSRP with addons. it’s criminal

  29. No doubt there’s dealers here doing it too, I just wouldn’t go there for a free service lol. Its hard finding a decent dealer out here

  30. I seen people have them, never personally though. Had a friend swear he was going to die any time he smoked

  31. Its the ninja 1000, they have a higher sitting position compared to other supersports.

  32. So like the Kawasaki version of s1000R? Didn’t know this existed tbh

  33. Yea Kawasaki has heaps of big bikes like the H2 and z1000 as examples.

  34. I seen the h2 and the h2 touring version. Just figured no point in this if they had that lol

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