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  1. yeah, kind of obsessed with the game because i've been wanting to play it so much

  2. when Lila calls Jaune theres some background pictures in wich you can see she's married and her husband is with ross so yeah, and pelo confirmed it.

  3. yes, he has, you can see him in the background pictures im spooky month 5 when Lila calls Jaune

  4. se llama comecocos, yo tambien me pasaba horas buscando el nombre

  5. me, realisising why i always made male ocs, choose male characters, and generally sjut felt more comfortable as a guy for years:

  6. con razon susie tiene el hozico grande y el otro es tremendo nerd

  7. I joined because there are a lot of spiders where i live (house, not country, city etc.) and also because i kept a spider in jail for like two days and wanted to know what it was.

  8. No, it means they are offline, basically not playing the game in that moment. If someone hid you, there would be no traces of that person anymore and basically dissapears completely

  9. That means the person is muted, meaning they cant chat or whisper. idk why the name gets censored though, but its like that

  10. No, they got muted by the pony town staff for spamming, saying innaprooieatve things or anything else.

  11. Opposite gender kids just, interacting with eachother as normal human beings.

  12. portuguese, bc i have an online friend thats from brazil (he can speak english very well, but i just wanna speak his language bc funny)

  13. For example, if A person makes a skin of a character, and B person makes a skin of the same character but with their own style and whatever, its not copying. But, if B person makes the skin the same or mostly the same as A person, its copying. A person made the skin with this hair type, this clothes, this color pallete. B person uses the same hair type, same clothes and same color pallete, B person copied A person.

  14. What if both people ended up with the same colors because they were using the eyedrop tool on a picture of a character? That's where I think it's confusing.

  15. If the colors are the same because of that situation, then it isnt copying as long as the characters are different in style, clothing and other aspects

  16. He's down to risk it for the biscuit. He's gunna teach for some peach. He's gunna turn that F into a C with this D.

  17. ''Oh look, a guy being nice to a girl!? He's probably just in for the sex and not just being a normal and nice human being helping someone! HA! Im just SO smart!''

  18. Note: Reason why I added the no thoughts tier because I honestly don’t know where to put them They are just neutral to me

  19. Your brother slays. I used to have a rock collection too😌

  20. i dont even know if he has a rock collection btw, he just kinda grabs rocks, gives them to my mom/dad and the rocks just... dissapear. Maybe i should give him a box or smth to actually collect rocks

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