1. When they eventually run it in 2wd mode like you are supposed to to dyno these. Put down 247hp at the hub. Thats a 17% drive train loss from the advertised 300 crank hp. And it was done on 91 octane in some place in California. Average elivation of California is 2900ft above see level, so expect lower than advertised numbers so I would say his 247hp is pretty great.

  2. Re: your altitude point, dyno numbers are corrected for altitude.

  3. I just tried looking but the car is on the showroom floor so I can't be sure, I let the sales managers know that I need to look at it once more before we sell it just to make sure that they're there and then I'll get some pictures and then make a post on how to spot them.

  4. I'd appreciate it, and I'm sure others would as well.

  5. I do still have them, I'm probably going to become the Corolla GR guy in the shop so I'm just going to start collecting as many as I can.

  6. It's 80s-tastic, but Yoroshiku Mechadock is worth a watch

  7. $? Do you offer a bulk rate? ~10 or so cars

  8. Well damn. I didn't even think of that.

  9. We stopped pretty frequently, and I didn’t use cruise control. The roads were pretty icy so we took it relatively easy the whole way. Plus, not sure what else we would have done aside from pay an arm and a leg to have it shipped. Wouldn’t have really made sense since we needed to be at the dealership to sign the paperwork in person. All in all, I’m not too worried about it

  10. How were the stock tires on snow/ice?

  11. Congrats! Can I be that guy and ask how much markup?

  12. I know how much they were asking, but idk how much he paid. There was a reason I wasn't on their list...

  13. Late to the party, but hey why not. From my first to most recent purchasesr:

  14. Holy crap! I drive through that intersection daily!

  15. Eh I know there’s always that option. Its just something my kid and me do. A couple crystals each visit. I’ll stop when my kid gets as sick of it as I am lol.

  16. What do you do with your excess reds? Hand them out to people leaving Savi's?

  17. If you just got her, the stress of being moved into your home might've caused the condition to temporarily worsen. There is a chance that it'll be reduced when she gets accustomed to her new surroundings.

  18. Geez, I didn't expect you to get downvoted for this. Crazy. I honestly didn't see your price until after I posted. $44k for a running GT-R is pretty much a steal right now...

  19. Beautiful. Makes me want to get another JCP.

  20. It takes every ounce of will power to not spend all my money on getting more

  21. At one point I had pictured getting all of the subspecies to have at once. Started dream building my cage layouts and everything...

  22. Better yet get yourself some struts, maybe not as fancy as a titanium rod but definitely easier to work around.

  23. Probably cheaper too. $300 for a prop rod? Not for me, thanks.

  24. What does the current enclosure look like now? How big is the snake, and do you think she is full grown?

  25. fsr I heard it to the melody of Duel of the Fates from Star Wars

  26. Engine swaps are one of the biggest issues with the game currently. They shouldn’t even be listed as a feature since they’re literally locked behind RNG. We should be able to buy engine tickets or the engines outright even if it’s 500k a pop. Unless the odds for roulette tickets have changed since release, once you do all the menus that give you an engine ticket, it would take 33 years of daily workouts to get one of each of the swaps that were available at launch assuming no repeats. My biggest gripe with this game. Polyphony why did you lock one of the funnest components of a car game behind random chance.

  27. Not only that, but you have to play "guess and check" (or resort to googling) to see what an engine can go into. Would it really be that hard to include engines under "car specific parts" in the tuning part section? At least then you could see what cars they go into...

  28. It's sacrilegious to even think about engine swapping an F40...

  29. I'd pass. Mine has to have performance and cold weather. Tech would be nice too. Not a fan of any of the colors, so that part doesn't matter to me

  30. Yeah, he ain't sleeping. He's waiting.

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