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  1. Fuck, this must be so hard for you. I can't say I relate to your pain - and hopefully I won't for a long time - but if you want to talk, you can :]

  2. It's not something I'd wish on anyone so I'm glad you can't relate.

  3. I feel you, dude. I'm so fucking desperate to move out and escape from everyone. But there's always some bs inconvenient reason I can't

  4. Huh I know this is weird to comment but your Pan. How did you know you were Pan?

  5. I get attracted to people regardless of their gender or sex, which matches the definition of pansexual most.

  6. Nice! Tbh I know a couple of people who are Bi or Pan and describe their sexaul orientation differently from mine. So it's sort of based on what definition you feel represents your orientation the most.

  7. As someone who has never heard of Evil Bong, what the fuck are you talking about??

  8. The sub was made in 2012 but was about something else, it was abandoned for years before I got it for the Corner. It is very weird that the sub is older than Callum's content though

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