1. Should I drop Fant for him? Bellinger is also available

  2. I’ve been locked in on Gibbs at 2, but I’d consider trading back to 4-6 if I could snag JSN and get an additional early 2nd. There will be some good players available in the early 2nd might be worth it. If you did that last year you could’ve bypassed KW3 and gotten an Olave/DPierce combo type deal

  3. Fortunately, I also have the 1.04 and I’m planning to use that on JSN right now. But I’ve considered trying to trade the 1.04 and get two later picks if there’s a chance JSN drops and I’d use the other pick for Mayer

  4. I agree. I took Hall at 1 last year and it has made me much less interested in RBs.. So much shorter careers and more injury prone

  5. Same here. I’m in a tough spot though where I almost have to draft Bijan and Gibbs. My other RBs are Hall, Stevenson, Foreman, Carter, and Kyren Williams. And the other guys in my league treat RBs like gold. Absurdly hard to trade for them even if I’m sending a young stud receiver.

  6. I don’t consider myself super knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff, but I feel like if you had been on high on Lamar 4 years ago, people would have been roasting you then too.

  7. Lamar was 10 times the prospect Richardson is. Not even close

  8. Fair enough, just seems like a lot of people were sleeping on him too. Like I said, I don’t know as much as others.

  9. I’ve got 1.01, 1.02, and 1.03. In a 1QB league, I’m taking Bijan, Gibbs, and then either JSN or QJ if JSN is off the board. I’d like to get one more late 1st and try to get Mayer.

  10. 10 team 2qb, half PPR, TEP.

  11. You think? He wants Wilson and Olave. I hate to give them both up, but I’m seriously considering it. I’d get to keep my 1.3 (probably take JSN) and I’d still have Pickens along with JJ, Waddle and Godwin. Is giving up Wilson and Olave the better play?

  12. Wilson and Olave for JJ lol no way would I do Wilson and Olave for pickens

  13. Give: Olave, Pickens, Fant, 1.3 Get: JJ, Kmet, Z. Knight, ‘23 2nd

  14. Give: Olave, Pickens, 1.3 Get: JJ, ‘23 2nd

  15. Should I trade away Mike White & Schultz for Freiermuth? 12 team, SF, PPR, Dynasty. I’m in 1st place so I’m the too contender. My QBs are Watson, Tua, Geno, Lance, Heinicke, Mike White. My TEs are Schultz, Njoku, Kmet, Juwan Johnson

  16. There’s no scenario where they’re friends, the closest we’d get is what the show already gave us with Negan needing to spend 6 years in prison in order to be reformed.

  17. Give: Garrett Wilson, George Pickens, Fant, early 1st Get: JJ, Kmet, early 2nd

  18. I agree with all of this, but I actually like Nick. I think he’s one of the few things they’ve done well the only character that’s made me laugh once or twice.

  19. He’s a decent actor, and he comes with the occasion good line. I just don’t really love his character. I feel like it would be comparable to Averman being the 2nd lead. It’s a bit much.

  20. Fair enough, I can get behind that comparison. I think maybe it feels like a lot bc he’s the only source of comic relief honestly. They don’t know what to do with him other than give him those lines. None of the other characters are funny

  21. The most I had at one point was 5, I think, but now I’ve made some moves and consolidated those into the projected 1.1, 1.2, & 1.3. I’m hoping to get one more regardless of where it falls.

  22. I traded 3 late 1sts and Javonte for the projected 1.1 and Waddle. We’ll see if it pays off. If for some reason he doesn’t end up with 1.1, I also have the projected 1.2 and 1.3

  23. Unless Dwight gathers a Tammy, then Ron wins easily.

  24. If Dwight is able to include a 3rd party, then Leslie includes herself whether we like it or not

  25. After looking at your team, you can’t afford to not come out of this draft with either Stroud or Young. If I were you, I’d try to package something with 1.04 to try and move up to 1.02 or 1.03 and get Bijan plus either QB.

  26. What he said . You have to get one of them or make a move for someone else. Personally I’d still take Bijan with 1.1 though

  27. I don’t think there’s any scenario where Negan doesn’t eventually come out on top. Governor has to be in control, he has to be the leader. At the end of the day, Negan has more resources. Eventually Governor puts himself in a position to get killed

  28. Eastman, Glenn, Abraham, Tyrese. I gotta Carl at 5 just bc of his legacy. Assuming this is a world where Rick dies or disappears, gotta have someone to carry on his legacy. Sasha, Jesus, Hershel, Deana and Siddiq would be my back up 5.

  29. I don’t have one in my league, but one of my good buddies is like this and it’s awful. I work with him too. He will come in my office and try to talk fantasy for hours even when I’m busy. He’ll shove his phone in my face to show me trades he’s offered people. Not to ask my opinion…just show them to me. It’s awkward and he’s always screwing the other person over. And no one knows more than him…I’ve avoided being in a league with him at all costs. It’s kind of a shame bc he’s a decent guy and a good friend and can be fun to be around when he’s not talking fantasy.

  30. As a Pitts owner, I’m taking Andrew’s. I do think Pitts is gonna pay off, but I already know what I’m getting with Andrew’s. You could even handcuff Likely too bc I think he could end up being solid also

  31. Team 1. Rick and Shane would butt heads but ultimately that team would find a way to work together. There would be so much dysfunction on team 2.

  32. Didn’t they mention that Oceanside had been taken over by Commonwealth troops & that the women fled? I thought it was during the conversation when Aaron & Co met up with Josh & Jules before joining the herd.

  33. Yeah, Luke did say that it was taken over by the commonwealth but nothing after that. We never got any sort of closure with them like we did with Hilltop where we saw Daryl and Carol visit and see that it was back thriving

  34. Thanks for that, I thought maybe I’d misunderstood that conversation. Definitely wish they’d made it back to Oceanside, or at least shown some of the conflict that made everyone flee.

  35. No, you had it right! They definitely addressed it, I just don’t feel like we got the closure we deserved. It’s possible they could pop again in a spin off I guess.

  36. Lol Bash Bros and it’s not close. Dean Portman eating Gertie for breakfast. But I’m guessing this must be trolling

  37. I wouldn’t do this in any format tbh

  38. I agree with this but also feel like for a good dynasty manager there is never anyone who is 100% off limits. Every player should have their price, should an offer come through that is too good to refuse.

  39. Yeah, I just feel like that goes without saying.

  40. That’s cool that you’ve made so few trades and been able to have success. Well done on your part and more power to you. But going off the majority of other dynasty players I’ve talked to and research I’ve done, you’re probably in the minority here a little bit. Just bc that strategy has worked for you does not mean it will work for others. If you are at the bottom of your league, at the bare minimum I would suggest trading some older players in order to get more picks

  41. I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m not a host so I haven’t taken the risk myself. But I do own two different record players with a solid vinyl collection and I can tell you they can be fragile if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  42. You can get more for waddle

  43. Yeah I’d do that as a contender

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