1. Finally, one of my problematic favs is back! Go Mary, go Mary!!

  2. I still can’t believe Robyn blamed Juan’s cheating on the pandemic

  3. It’s especially bad when you remember him being a dick to her while she was going through depression in the midst of Covid. He really ain’t shit.

  4. If dick holes like Brandi, Ramona and Kelly can come back, Mary should be able to as well. Let her come back and read Whitney and Lisa again for stupid shit 💀

  5. I used it to get home the other day and it’s fine. After scooting up Park ave, it was pretty easy to get in and get down to the trains from the dining concourse.

  6. Makes sense, you could tell sis was not down for the tomfoolery of a hw franchise. She could’ve been great but she didn’t want to engage

  7. “Hating on this?” with that smirk on her face?? That’s a queen moment💅🏻

  8. It was the downward dismissive hand motion for me. Like is that shade in ASL?? Cause that looked like shade to me.

  9. Here are some options on the south shore near the Nassau border

  10. Nine West and Stuart Weitzman have some cute options but they don’t go above a 13 :/

  11. It’s not worthless if you have flexible interests and learn how to strategize. I got my BA in psych and knew that I’d need an advanced degree at some point. Once I graduated I got a job in marketing, didn’t like it, then I got a job in HR with good benefits that allowed me to do an MS in management. Now I’m making good money and I have a solid career but I am considering a pivot toward project management.

  12. Not all of them. There’s handful more cops and EMTs that should be charged imo

  13. The tight bun actually helps but it still looks cheap af and that’s my biggest issue. Maybe as a top it would work? But the whole dress being that color and material makes it look like a power ranger costume

  14. Damn. Atlantic Beach? Like down by Long Beach and the Rockaways?

  15. Wendy is my top toot. Ashley and Candiace also get toots. Gizelle gets an unmerciful swift boot. I swear she tries to wear the worst outfits ever. Guess it gives us something to chat about…

  16. It goes over to the full schedule/full service, meaning not just a shuttle to Jamaica in about a month give or take a week.

  17. 4/5 weeks to work out the schedule on this thing they’ve been struggling to complete for 50+ years? I admire your optimism

  18. Not that I'm a fan of the MTA but or the sake of being objective they haven't been struggling for 50 years. The tunnels were initially started and then they lost funding. The project mulled in limbo for not years but whole decades until 2007.

  19. Yet another charitable take. You’re a saint, Dilly.

  20. Smh as if this family doesn’t have enough to handle. It’s already a challenge to have a child with special needs, then you know you’re doing the right thing to keep them safe but a dozen of your idiot neighbors plot against you due to ✨aesthetics✨

  21. The project truly stared back in the 50s and the tunnel work began in the 60s. This thing was in a start/stop loop for 50+ years.

  22. That’s beautiful bisexualwhore, glad you’ve found a special someone that makes you feel good. There’s hope!

  23. Dumbo/Near the navy yard. I had desserts from Wegman’s the other day and now all I wanna do is live nearby for ease of access.

  24. Comrades, I get it. Melissa sucks eggs and y’all don’t like her but this is not throwing shade. Be fr. She’s replying in comments, and didn’t say anything derogatory. Only thing this response implies is that she hasn’t read the cookbook, big whoop. Y’all really think Teresa read the book cover to cover??

  25. I hear you, this is such a reach though. Like if Melissa said “I’m sure it’s in the book, not like Teresa could cook anything without Nonna holding her hand” then it’d be like OK SHOTS FIRED, but this is so milquetoast. We’re really diluting the meaning of shade if this is an example.

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