1. I’d quit my job if they made me mow and clear snow at all hours. Moving snow is straight ass.

  2. It's a small lot. I worked in car sales for years and we always cleaned out own lots, so it doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. I'm not sure it's going to happen, either. Also, i wouldn't necessarily make anyone else mow or plow. Employees are expected to be in here to shovel the walkways already though and putting a guy in a plow truck doesn't seem like a bad deal.

  3. I buy from Aerie. I wait for a sale and buy a bunch of Aerie panties all at once when they're like $3/ea. I look for styles that aren't seamless, so they support what needs to be supported. I'm by no means packing a small package, but Aerie definitely works best for me. Also, you can just go to Walmart and buy women's clothes at self check and not look anyone in the eyes if you're not confident yet. I gave up men's underwear several years ago after finding women's fabrics and fits much more comfortable in many cases. Best luck!

  4. I don't know why construction workers have to use these disgusting things still in 2020. It's like taking a shit in the 1800's. Sites should have a working washroom, or be forced to rent the actually washroom units.

  5. After reading the comments, it comes down to a few people saying "I leave the seat up to not touch it" as though all the porta potties don't have hand sanitizer or a wash station outside of them, usually inside of them now... Like their dirty action is justified by a potential dirty action by an unknown stranger...

  6. Hey man, did you ever recover from lasering your eye?

  7. Not really. I wear glasses now, so that helps me notice less of the issue.

  8. Not really. I wear glasses now though, so it helps me not notice it as much.

  9. This was during the CU. And yeah, I can't ever hear the song without going back to the glory days! Lol

  10. Visit your app store and check out Alltrails app. They have mapped most if not all the hiking paths and post them with photos, reviews, descriptions and even a chart showing the hills and intensity of the trail. You can select trails by difficulty or based on things like "with a view". It's a very powerful tool for exploring nature anywhere you go.

  11. I have all trails I guess I am looking more for personal recommendations. I really do appreciate the helpfulness of the app and agree with your suggestion for anyone else who hasn't downloaded it.

  12. No prob, when I want flatter hikes, I look for things along the rivers. At least here in Lancaster, there are several paths that just stay along the rivers and that means they're fairly level. I'm sorry I couldn't help you better.

  13. 2nd and Charles is great in the mall by Bass Pro. They have a ton of pre-owned books and the prices are great. They also have used movies, videogames, albums, board games, etc. It's a really cool shop for culture.

  14. Ive tried in some and they delete my thread for soliciting lol. Just getting the word out

  15. I don't see why this should be removed. $17-19/hr is nothing to turn your nose at and there are plenty of people in central PA that could use an in like this.

  16. I think you have been doing a great job so far in paving the way for better understanding of polyamory. Would just like to mention, actually, that More Than Two comes with some issues - the author of the book is by no means the perfect partner himself. You may want to Google and look up "i tripped on the polyamorous stair". And i have heard that some parts of the book are not the best.

  17. My insecurities lie in fear of loss of my partner versus jealousy. I have had many people assure me that they would not leave me for someone else and then go on to Mary or date the person in question. While I don't intrinsically believe that my wife would do that, the trauma of having that happens so much in my life is hard for me to work past.

  18. I'm new at this too, but this is something I've heavily considered. I've begrudgingly looked at it as competition in the healthiest sense. If my Meta is turning into a better husband than me, even though I have years of head start on him, maybe that's more of a reflection of me and my actions than my wife and hers.

  19. [OP] Alternatively - any suggestions for different ways of thinking about this or trying to get into it/over the feelings of fear and insecurity.

  20. I'm not in the exact same shoes but I did find that I had gotten myself in far deeper than I was comfortable with a little over a month ago. I've been working on facing my own anxieties and insecurities as though they would exist with or without my wife's involvement. I used her love as a patch for so many insecurities about myself and I've realized them through the fears of losing someone that claims they can love two people.

  21. Your feelings are normal and totally valid. My wife and I have been working on this as she finds herself really doing well with a new and very healthy relationship while my own initial hope at a partner has not worked out. Now I'm left trying to figure out how to fill the holes I feel like my wife leaves in time and attention to me without just patching it up again.

  22. The way you pulled down on that left-hand reflection in the water is fantastic! Great work!

  23. I'm going to try the list of things I have control over exercise. I think it would help a lot. I've never thought of that before. I also should try to make a list of things I like about myself, even though that won't be easy. I have a lot of love for my partner. Today I was sitting around crying, and I thought wow "I love him so deeply", but I've always struggled to love myself.

  24. Fucking same. If you want to talk more about your journals or whatever, I'm happy to talk. Journaling isn't an excersize I'm great at yet either (also extrovert, much rather hash things out aloud). Just remember you're not alone in this boat!

  25. I've struggled as a byproduct of hashing things out aloud at other people a lot too. Many of my friends and family have given my partners biggest mistakes "re-runs" because I tried to verbally hash it all out, and they developed one sided opinions.

  26. When I journal, I love that I can dump all the thoughts however the fuck I want. No format, no rules... Sometimes it's lists. Sometimes paragraphs, whatever it takes to make sense in my head.

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