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  1. But. But. BUT ITS A CHRISTIAN, THEYRE ALWAYS PUSHY. Sky daddy and whatnot.

  2. Yup. I'd be pushy too. Don't contact me out of the blue and ask me to bible study. Talk about presumptuous. Jesus christ.

  3. That is pretty immersive, I was a that size too before, but my wife and I found it a bit uncomfortable. Glad you guys enjoy it!

  4. Are we still talking about televisions?

  5. Well it costs 20 just to get it at my local theater.

  6. I was gonna ask where the hell I can see a movie and get snacks and a drink for $20. Sounds like a deal to me.

  7. Oh they're at $975!? Keep the hype train up! LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOO!

  8. I like indie films. Guess I'm never going to the theater again. Sigh.

  9. Along with the idiotic Texans who vote for these nut jobs are the actual driving factors in why I decided not to move to Texas. I was so close to moving there too because of family.

  10. A relative just moved there. He was so stoked to exercise his "freedumbs" and get out of the "liberal cesspool" of NY. The day he closed (around xmas), his pipes froze and flooded his basement. Now he's been without power for days. Welcome to Texas!

  11. Fat Freddy's Cat has entered the chat.

  12. Somebody is making an animated series of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. I hope they do it right!

  13. They didn't do it right. The show was called "The Freak Brothers," and it was impressively bad, unfortunately. Check out the reviews on IMDB.

  14. What's that quote about finding the right answer but for the wrong reasons?

  15. Get it through Samsung. Just don’t finance a device on the Verizon account.

  16. Samsung isn't being nearly as generous with the trade-in allowance as they were last year. I think I got $850 for my unlocked Note20 Ultra toward an unlocked S22 Ultra. This year they want to give me $500 for my phone. Whatever. Guess I'm skipping this cycle.

  17. Correct and Verizon counts on that. That way they’re not paying out the full $800 100% of the time and protects them from people leaving.

  18. If they just had decent service, maybe they wouldn't need to push this 36 month BS on people. When I was with T-Mobile I could pay off the phone immediately and still get the credits month-by-month. It was nice. Felt like it was lowering my bill if I paid off the phone early.

  19. Exactly. Teslas are quite pricey. My first car was a 92 Camaro I paid 2,200 out of pocket for on KSL haha. Oh man, cars been going strong for 14 years.

  20. I still HATE auto stop/start because my first car of my own was a 1984 Chevy Cavalier that would stall at every light and I never knew when thr time was that it wasn't going to start again.

  21. I semi-recently read an article where a "live free" party member in NH (uber libertarians) used societal complacency and apathy to remove all tax funding for the local public school system by a vote of something stupid like 13-1... the town scrambled and held an emergency town meeting where they reversed it, but they almost had no schools for their children. this is what they want, libertarians and the like. they want to burn everything down around them just so they don't have to chip in their two cents, and then they'll bitch because their starbucks doesn't come fast enough or the local mcdonalds closes at 9pm, and they hit 4 potholes on the way into town while talking on their cell that they feel is overpriced for the service they receive

  22. That's the town near where I grew up - Croydon. You should also see what they tried to do at Gunstock, a beloved local ski area that they wanted to privatize.

  23. Even the so-called "conservatives" in NH have had it with them. They're a cancer on the body politic. They don't believe in government, they only believe in chaos. Complete destruction of any governmental systems is their only goal. Everything is an intrusion on their "rights," until the roads and bridges are crumbling.

  24. Well, this might surprise you, but I'm in the middle. I liked it and definitely enjoyed it. I still like BTS the best, but I'd take TC over LIS2 any day.

  25. I'd categorize them the same BTS > TC > LIS2. I get that it's probably an unpopular opinion. Lots of LIS2 love here in this sub. I liked parts of it, but it's my least favorite of the franchise.

  26. What nade you dislike it? (I'm not here to argue your opinion) just wondering

  27. I'm not OP, but to me it felt like there was a lot of running around, and I didn't connect with the characters as much as I had the earlier games. Not sure why. The "activities" and topics we got to bond with the characters just didn't hit the mark for me. I also don't think you need a murder mystery. These games are more supernatural than physical. I would have loved to have had something more *strange* going on, if that makes sense.

  28. She was miles beyond anyone that first season, and her first two albums had some pure power-rock bring-down-the-house numbers on them. She mellowed it out after that, but this song in particular was always great showpiece for her pipes. She's the real deal, 100%.

  29. I didn’t realize it was him for the longest time. I loved him too and now it just makes me smile when I see it. I was one of the few that actually liked the movie lol. I really just loved the songs in it.

  30. You know I never did see the movie. Maybe I will check that out. 😁

  31. Who knew getting 100K subs could be this exciting?

  32. Just move over and let the assholes go. It's just not worth it.

  33. I fucking hated Phillip, but Kirsty at least felt sorry for me when my boss was verbally abusing me, even if she didn't do shit about it either.

  34. Mechanic here, same problem. We don’t hire or train enough apprentices. And while those with the mechanic and tech background transfer easily to working on electric cars, training someone from the ground up to work on them requires a completely different mindset than “they used to twirl spanners in their dads garage let’s have them be a line tech for a few years and see how they go”. You’re going to have to start finding tech based folks and teach them mechanics.

  35. If I were starting a second life right now, I'd love to do this. I love doing heavy maintenance/repairs on my cars - if there's a YouTube video on it, I don't care how complicated it is. I buy good tools and figure I've saved money by doing it myself. I'm a former tech who happened to be really good at troubleshooting, so I ended up working as a sysadmin, then QA, and now marketing (more money in it, and the company wanted to use my Adobe/web skills). I'm 54 now though, so switching careers isn't gonna happen.

  36. Verizon and T-Mobile seem to be on opposite ends for me. I switched from T-Mobile prepaid to Verizon prepaid because I was having problems with voice calls on T-Mobile breaking up. However, d/l speeds on Verizon prepaid are slow. Conversely, T-Mobile's data speeds are good, but I have problems with call quality.

  37. This is exactly why I left T-Mobile a couple years ago, during their 5G rollout. Their data was excellent, but everyone on my plan was occasionally missing calls and text, or dropping calls. We tried a few different things with support, but in the end I need reliable phone service more than reliable data service. I guess be careful what you ask for, because that's exactly what I got with Verizon. Data service is terrible and has gotten worse in three years.

  38. Thanks. I was asking because I was thinking about getting the red unlocked S23U from Samsung but I'll get $800 for my Note 20U from Verizon and I can't justify paying about $500 for the red one compared to the green or Black Verizon one.

  39. Yeah, last year if I recall correctly, Samsung gave me $800 (or $850?) for my Note20U toward an unlocked S22U, so I did that. It was a great deal and with other discounts I think I basically got the phone for under $300. Was hoping to do the same this time, but when I saw the $500 trade in for my S22U, I said nope. And I'm not getting locked into a three year term on an S23U with Verizon so I think I'm skipping this cycle. $500 for the S22U is lame, but that's all Samsung is offering this round. Could be because they just announced revenue is way down.

  40. I have the unlocked S22 Ultra. It's been totally fine. Haven't noticed anything that I couldn't use or any features I wanted that I don't already have. Tethering, VoIP, it's all fine.

  41. I hated digging myself out, mainly due to a bad back (and being lazy).

  42. A couple decades ago I bought a Forester for the family car. I remember the first big snowstorm, my stepson and i went out to go somewhere and had been plowed in. I told him to "get in." He's like "aren't you going to shovel first?" I said "nope." He says "you'll never make it out of there." I said "get in."

  43. This is a joke, right? Do you live in Texas? Obviously aren't from the north...

  44. How about we start by not using right-wing epithets to label them? I mean, maybe at this point some of them deserve it, but I'm surprised how many people just adopt the right-wing name for the Democratic Party.

  45. Let’s build a new Fairfield complex on the soil filled with toxic chemicals !

  46. I just could not believe it when I read that was happening. Still can't. How do people not care? My co-worker bought a house in the Bethpage plume and I was just shocked.

  47. What a disgusting piece of human filth.

  48. I detest Boebert with every fiber of my being, but this photo is from October 2021. Let's try to do better than the deplorables. There are plenty of things to get on their case about without fabricating scandals.

  49. Nah seacoast is very blue. There are some Reagan/Bush era republicans who don’t like taxes haha. But nah seacoast is the blue haven

  50. Always thought Seacoast was pretty MAGA, along with entire southern border (for some odd reason, even though it borders MA - maybe folks just trying to get across the border to what they perceive as "safety" from them rotten libruls), then you gotta go to Coos before it starts getting really Trumpy again?

  51. Military has the secret hack app for that.

  52. Thanks for bringing some fun and light-hearted content, op. It's been a bit dark over here recently.

  53. It's darkest in the sinkhole.

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