1. "if you were a man tattooing"pussy slayer" would you react the same way?"

  2. Hopefully we get Viking and wu lin, I'd settle for Viking and Aztec outlander though

  3. Afeera is not gender locked, it has a male and female.

  4. Why cover the names of the last one if it shows their names when they @ each other?

  5. Spellbreak was so sad to see die, it was genuinely fun and unique

  6. No no no more knights like realy they have to many pls don't do that

  7. To be honest I don't think these are hints at all because if they just made a hero why would they be thinking about another. They wouldn't be thinking about a new hero for another season

  8. I think you're getting Asian cultures confused, journey to the west is Chinese mythology. The leaked kiriko skin is Amaterasu, a Japanese goddess

  9. Why not tho, like it affects nothing other than cosmetics like some people prefer playing female characters some prefer playing males, like unless theres a lore reason that would explain why she has to be locked to female i dont understand it, example-warmonger-gryphon-lawbringer

  10. I'm not talking about people complaining for customization reasons, I'd love if all the outlanders weren't gender locked. I'm talking about the people who specifically hate the fact that she's a woman because it's "woke" or "too feminist"

  11. You are fighting a fictional argument in your head i see people with those takes but labeling everyone who dislikes gender locking for a list of better reasons is idiotic yea they have a smaller budget but what this gender locking shit is an excuse to be lazy its like the whole male to female gender change i didint really care either way but it's like why waste the time doing it at all to appeal to a comm of people who probably dint even know for honor exists

  12. Again, I dislike gender lock. I think almost every hero should be able to be customized as both genders. I'm referring exclusively to sexists who hate Afeera not because she's gender locked, but specifically because she's a woman

  13. Last this battlepass, over 1200 coins and I'm saving up for 18000 points so I can get 2000 and buy a legendary skin at some point

  14. Uninformed, biased, pessimistic, kneejerk reactions that solidify themselves in their minds as immutable truth are the reddit warrior’s specialty

  15. These were joke posts made before she was even revealed, 800 Ms sand throw? I didn't see that in the stream

  16. The stupid new mechanic Afeera has, like 8 fuckin ways to throw sand to blind mid combo

  17. Im fine with the challenge in theory but the shit capped out at 20 fish, I've caught a minimum of 40 but no matter what the counter just stays at 66%

  18. This is an ironic meme from the overwatch subreddit. It's comparing Zenyatta and Ramattra, one being a peaceful monk and the other the leader of a terrorist organization but they both fight for the same cause, not a serious mindset or meme

  19. Shit like this just makes me wish we could flow between stances smoothly

  20. Most likely. Same as Bou Yin (Pirate) and Neferkha (Medjay)

  21. Idk, our resident leaker gets information from the Microsoft store names. In the past the hero bundles available for purchase only had their hero name listed

  22. "Afeera" is apparently a name for girls that refers to a type of gazelle or meaning "dust"

  23. What do you mean by emote spamming? I play a shit ton of tf2 so I can’t see how emotes are a bad thing

  24. It ends up being a quick jittery movement, it's this games equivalent to t-bagging

  25. Expecting: another weeb hero

  26. To be Honest, i havE no clue What it meAns. For Fuck's sake i wiLl nEver Have an Ounce of Understanding aS to what this mEans. it's Honestly Absurd to See, Fuckin thOUsands of this message uNDer every post I lay These eyeS upoN. evEryWhere i go. sHit, i've fOund theSe commenTs under videos about horrible atrocities. weird asf

  27. Maybe you shouldn't be paying for a shitty monetization system, punishing others who play the game for free by telling blizzard "no, you're doing great! Shove your cock in me some more!"

  28. Didn't spend money on it, Microsoft rewards. I'd never spend money on this game after I saw how bad it got when season 1 dropped. Only used rewards points and coins from the watchpoint pack for anything I get

  29. I’m not dying on this hill, but money is money. You’re still spending $7 on Overwatch which means A) you’re affirming the value of that item, B) giving Blizz money, and C) causing yourself to be $7 short on a future purchase in the same marketplace.

  30. I don't plan on buying from Xbox in the near future, never planned on using them for Walmart or target cards, and had no use for my points just sitting there so I did something with them. I'm not depriving myself of anything because I wouldn't have used them on anything

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