1. The one you fight the 8 Orochi drops a lot of weapons of using the right items.

  2. Aaroniero Kaien ver. with Nejibana moves, Rukia and Renji Hueco Mundo cloaks please and thanks.

  3. I spend Yesterday's afternoon playing this online. Never knew it was this active on steam. This game made me gat interested in fighting games.

  4. It was $20 full game with both season pass on steam until 12/12/22. I got it instead paying ps+ to play it without dlcs on ps4.

  5. It's kit is basically the same as the old Ulquiorra mind but hollow killer. I think its a good unit. No need to full charge S3

  6. Orochi 3 is te definitive warriors experience. Several content in terms of stages, music and costumes. Orochi 4 only have a lot of horses.

  7. Got Nel, Momo and Orihime all new on 4 steps. Yay!

  8. Not lossing my sh*t with this. Good luck those who will try to complete epic raids with leaf player with no bonus characters.

  9. Kilff and Justice to complete first GG main roster.

  10. Gundam Musou. Witch from the Mercury is about to release. Bleach Musou. Anime about to release as well. Xtreme legends Samurai Warriors 5. Attack on titans 3.

  11. Ultimate and Fighter edition were released at same time than base game. One of them includes season pass 1 and the other one as well along with anime soundtrack.

  12. The only reveals we'll have on Sunday will be KOFXV, SFVI, GGST and probably Tekken.

  13. Pick Nu Wa or Nagamasa, add their weapon osmosis at max and spam R1.

  14. Non. Just soul tickets to grind the anniversary event. Hopefully we'll get around 200k points using x10 tickets.

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