1. No. As long as there are artists who have a passion for it I truly don’t think that AI art will take over the industry. I find it a ridiculous argument. Half the time AI generates off looking images. Who’s going to pay for someone to generate an image of someone with three arms and or a cross eyed woman or a person with a head sprouting from their head. It takes five or more tries most times to even get anything that looks like real art or even fits the prompt. I assure you, it will forever remain a past time for people who can’t draw. 🙄

  2. While it's true that AI generated art may not yet have reached the level of human creativity, it's important to acknowledge that AI technology is rapidly advancing and improving. As AI becomes better at creating art that resembles human-created pieces, it's possible that the demand for AI generated art may increase. Additionally, AI has the potential to open up new avenues for art creation and experimentation that were previously not possible with traditional methods.

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