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  1. No… just because you were taxed doesn’t mean you don’t owe MORE than what was withheld. That’s why people owe money at tax time. You could be fucking yourself over big time

  2. dude you can mod your car however you want 🤣 this post is sarcastic and meant as a joke

  3. Some states tremble at the dark window paper

  4. Most states have laws against the blue and red flashing lights on pedestrian vehicles.

  5. It’s a non-point considering RC doesn’t say shit anyways about anything. 🤐

  6. It's because people genuinely believe your freedom is infringing on others freedoms when in reality it's probably the opposite. At least from where I sit.

  7. No amount of safety is better than liberty

  8. look at the edge of my screen below my health is orange gunshots especially with no aim is clear and i haven’t changed volts colours

  9. If this is a 2006 Canadian car then what the fuck is America putting on the roads?

  10. You bought a bike without knowing what it was?

  11. No, the real Batman doesn’t wear hockey pads

  12. Puts on credit Suisse and fuck putting money in a bank, anywhere.

  13. I noticed it would happen when my wifi was taking a bit of a shit

  14. I once had a game on operation metro as the Russians. 3200 ticket server, all objectives were capped for the enemy, we were stuck in the spawn, like target ducks.

  15. My brain always wants to ask, but I never do. I just leave it at “I bitched about doing what I want to do, let others do what they want to do”

  16. I thought tolls were for privately built roads rather than state run roads to keep up maintenance.

  17. I mean, if bitcoin hits $7,000 there will definitely be shit flying

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