1. Looks similar to what I carried doing valve and controls repair work, but admittedly most of my stuff was much larger

  2. Is that from Outlaw Leather? I’ve had my eye on one of those

  3. I love using copper in my projects. Looks great!

  4. 2-5/8, 3/4 drive but the on a regular basis I usually only use up to 1-5/8, 1/2 drive

  5. Oh yeah. Check out 6010 5p+. They operate about the same as 5p, but, they're great for running downhill and the slag comes off way easier. Just smooth stuff. Costs more, but worth it.

  6. Y’all are talking about two totally different things

  7. FPC and the ANJRPC for sure

  8. I saw a release about it on IG this weekend but for the lift of me I can’t find the post. I believe it had a 16” bar and release date was August 2022

  9. What is the AR 10 chambered in?

  10. Not terrible, looks like you may be moving a little too fast, and as someone else said keep your rod jammed in the root.

  11. Why body know what kind of stinger that is? Looks weird.

  12. Looks like a stinger V, but he's got the rod bent

  13. I like the masking tape holding the lens in his hood

  14. For the money you really can't beat the Viking 3350. I have both a Viking and a Speedglas and I actually prefer the Viking

  15. Make sure you have plenty of extra cover lenses for your hood, especially if you will be doing overhead.

  16. Looking really good! I like to watch the toes (edges) of the puddle and that helps keep the bead consistent.

  17. I tend to run hot and I don't usually run 1/8 6010 over 100.

  18. My MK25 is my favorite gun I own! I run a TLR4 on it

  19. I get that, and I probably should have been more clear in my post. Right now I'm just trying to get set up for some classes I'm going to be taking. I have my bug-out-bag set up already, so I suppose just the basics that I have listed is all I really need for the time being.

  20. 1/16 gap 3/32 land 83 amps 1/8 6010

  21. Great work and all, but wouldn't it be easier to just weld the numbers onto whatever it is that is going on?

  22. Absolutely not acceptable. I run my aeb-l around 60c. Sounds like whoever you are using doesn't have capability for cryo, which is required for full hardness out of that steel. Although I would expect better than 53 even without cryo treatment.

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