1. People are too jaded by the vaccine to realize what this nurse did is fucked up. Injecting people with something they didn’t ask for after they accepted the risk of the vax is seriously fucked.

  2. No one that’s vaccinated knows what they’re getting injected with, because the inserts of the contents in the vaccine are all blank. And also, who has died from getting a saline injection?

  3. The end justifies the means. How exactly are we gonna win if we play by the rules when they don’t?

  4. And yet, they had no problem with there being CP on twitter before Musk purged it out

  5. It's 'ULTRA Redpilled' time of the month when we as mods nominate and recognize our most active and redpilling users!

  6. Those guys are giving those loser spoiled brats the discipline their parents failed to.

  7. Even the dog is angrily barking at them in the end 😂

  8. He kept saying "le premier qui bouge je l'encule" which is "the first to move, i fuck his ass" lol and "tout les jours vous nous faites chier "everyday you piss us" and "on travaille nous aussi, on a une famille et des amis " "we too work and have family and friends"

  9. ☝️This translation gets 5 croissants out of 5

  10. Show me one accurate prediction in the 70s, or earlier.

  11. The question is: do you believe in climate change? A: Yes. B: please take away all my funding.

  12. “Guns on a table” You mean the replica musket and the prop gun from a video game? These people have brain worms.

  13. Wait, what’s up with the Chinese lockdowns? Only hearing about them now and am pretty uniformed.

  14. People have been protesting against them a lot and it’s gotten a lot of attention

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