1. America is a banana republic that persecute political opponents now.

  2. Not gonna happen. Why would the deep state go after their own operatives?

  3. What an absolute disgrace. America is a banana republic that now persecute political opponents. This was the work of a soros appointed DA.

  4. What an in-depth analysis of a complicated situation. We here applaud you for taking time out of your day and explaining this to us dumb simpletons.

  5. Only stupid right wingers want to ban it because they want to own the libs more than they care about the future of the internet.

  6. The description of the sub doesn't reflect what's posted. Your comment and your other post don't belong here. But moderators love an echo chamber even more than the folks posting.

  7. Please tell me more about what content people here want. I've only posted here for two years so what do I know?

  8. Biden and Trudeau probably sit down to pee too

  9. Trudeau def does. He also closes kitchen drawers with his hips.

  10. Agreed! I say we do it. What flag? What color ribbon? What symbol?

  11. I tend to be skeptical of cops and have zero problem calling out the shitty ones, but these two are heroes. They ran straight in and neutralized the shooter in like 3 minutes.

  12. That’s because you rarely hear about the good ones. The woke media amplifies all the bad actions of a few police officers while ignoring the vast majority of men and women who save lives and keep people safe every day.

  13. Wish I was surprised to see large parts of Reddit side with a child-murdering domestic terrorist over law enforcement. Just progressive things I guess.

  14. Must keep that stinking shit pile known as the “front page” clean from any wrongthink. I wonder if it was the subject matter, the pro-police message or just simply the American flags that triggered someone to remove it.

  15. The pope serves Lucifer and the global elite. He never cared about the people he claims to serve.

  16. Do you have the link to the original tiktok? I can't seem to access it.

  17. It's the taste of the 7 year tribulation that's coming where Christians will be hunted down and persecuted. When the anti-Christ comes and everyone will be forced to take the Mark of the beast. If you refuse, you will be hunted down and excluded from society.

  18. When even the taliban calls you out it’s time to reflect on your life philosophy.

  19. Joking about dead kids. I’m not that surprised about the left sinking that low but this is a new low even for them.

  20. They already ban honest conversations. Banning woke wouldnt be too hard for them

  21. Ask the thousands of users who get banned simply for participating in my sub.

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