1. Yeah definitely, look into kibbe for example

  2. It seems like you’re underweight and that’s probably affecting your health

  3. Aren’t these gonna expire by the time you get around to using them?

  4. Honestly, I’ve been doing 16:8 for 2 years and every morning I cheat and get my Starbucks. Iced mocha no whip- it’s whole milk and all the sugar and calories. I still have managed to lose and keep off 50 lbs. I’m sure if I quit it or switched to black coffee I could lose more, but the coffee keeps me sane 😅

  5. I think you’re leaning too far forward; also, get rid of the pad

  6. I feel like he tries to get her to cry on purpose

  7. GI-MAPs can't assess small intestinal flora. Unfortunately, there is no other reliable test for SIFO other than a duodenal aspirate, with culture with CFU/ml count, which is an invasive procedure; it requires an upper endoscopy. In the near future, there will probably will be tests that consist of taking a capsule pill which collects your small intestinal "juice" to have it cultured and have CFU/ml count on it once you excrete it, according to Satish Rao (discoverer of SIFO).

  8. How can you get prescribed fluconazole

  9. Yeah what reason would possibly be good enough to subject everyone to this

  10. CMB def feels more popular among Asian women. And with you being in the LA area...

  11. When I point out how wearing red brings out the red tone in my skin, people look at me like I’m an alien. Lol

  12. Haha bring up kibbe everyone will lose their mind

  13. Does he wash his pillowcase? Does he stress you out?

  14. Not everyone is everyone else’s cup of tea. And that has to be okay with you. You’re beautiful and his words are not a reflection of who you are or how you look.

  15. That’s her husband though.. shouldn’t she be his cup of tea? Why did he even marry her 😂

  16. Yeah and men.. rape women… why do you think we are afraid

  17. Which brand/kind would you recommend?

  18. Squatting on a smith machine is actually not good for you because you can’t have correct form

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