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  1. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He's a pretender. Glad he's getting the boot, sad he inflicted this damage.

  2. I can’t believe you people, guy raised this other man’s kid for ten years and because he doesn’t want the full legal weight of adoption on his shoulders he is a piece of shit? Someone once told me never ever be a step dad because it’s a truly thankless job. 10 years he raised OPs daughter and she wanted him as her dad because he’s a good dad.

  3. I mean you made an effort to go get a source... Why not use a source that is worth something?

  4. Because that source would reinforce the Wikipedia one

  5. You don’t get it. Pirates use jet pack.

  6. Where are the other ledges? Oh they fell off? I think I hear my mom calling me….

  7. Your mom's been dead for 10 years. You're already falling.

  8. Gobekli Tepe in Turkey is the world's oldest monolith and is dated 9500-8000 BCE. So much of the worlds history is undiscovered and our ideas of mankind's past is quite likely wrong.

  9. Especially with the ocean rising and falling due to weight of glaciers and trapped water

  10. He’s being sarcastic, the average guy earns like 45k

  11. No the average guy is average, they try though. A scrub is someone who doesn’t try at all. If you make more than 45k good for you but don’t forget the luck that took and don’t look down on people

  12. I mean all western countries give endless shit to Muslims and other minorities for not looking, behaving, and talking a certain way when they come over here, even so far as some countries even banning their garb. If we have the right to treat people that way they have the right to ask you to follow their cultural rules for a few days while you watch a soccer game.

  13. It’s weird because landlords fall into two categories: scumbag millionaires who bottom-feed off of society, usually in the form of corporate investment firms (think Blackrock), and middle class folks who feel like owning real estate is better than owning stocks for their retirement investments. So lumping then all together is a bit silly. But then so is expressing any kind of “love” for any of them, because why the fuck is that ever necessary? It’s like forming a subreddit called “LoveForMortgageLenders.” Like WTF?

  14. Reddit has become a cesspool for hating police and landlords. So someone decided to stand up for those middle class folks you talked about and make a troll page where they troll renters the way renters troll landlords. The lame thing is that the love for landlords page is reinforcing all the hatred for landlords especially because they claim they’re “serious” and people can’t tell they’re playing 4D trolling chess.

  15. No problem .There’s love for drone pilots and a few others created since it’s become popular

  16. I guarantee not a single one of those shots hit their intended target

  17. Yeah that’s why I’m like…why would you be at the window with bullets flying through the air usually fired from sideways guns of people jogging backwards

  18. there is a gun in the middle compartment , also fuck that guy

  19. It would be ironic if he crashed at 100mph like that and the gun killed him by just by bashing his head. The thing that enables your road rage being the thing that ends it for good

  20. The disconnect? The cop is literally driving recklessly because of the guy behind him.

  21. That’s fine, slow down and put 100 yards between you and the dumbass in front of you driving like a maniac. I don’t get within 40-50 yards of someone’s ass at over 65mph in my car.

  22. Yep. That's what I have been saying in this thread, but because everyone wants to hate on cops, fuck logic.

  23. It’s overhyped but there’s a place for it. Most people don’t work out and this helps the original commenter be a little healthier. That made you upset and you acted like a dickhead, wonder what’s wrong with you bro

  24. Right, so you put in a small and relatively insignificant amount of money on what is effectively a gamble. Who cares.

  25. It’s peoples retirement not your fucking pocket change

  26. Right there’s a difference between me not realizing ftx was garbage and an investment fund manager. They had one job. There shouldn’t be any FOMO when you are investing other people’s money.

  27. I heard they literally can’t get the returns required to pay out their investors without investments in risky assets like crypto. This is not the only pension fund doing this and that is fucking scary

  28. You're correct but the young generation doesn't fuck. They think everything and everyone is creepy.

  29. Oh they fuck just in between incoherent psycho babble

  30. Oh I know, still sucks tho. But I understand that everyone has their reasons.

  31. It’s because texting shows you have way too much time to give away and it’s weaksauce. You don’t have to text women almost at all to set up dates and establish relationships. Actually it makes life better and you can like achieve goals with that extra time not thinking up a super witty text to build rapport. What do I know though just some guy on the internet

  32. well, their point to not adopt a child would mostly be that they aren't prepared or don't have enough money to care for a child right now, just like the people they are against

  33. Exactly, it’s a good point. And a majority of us all use gas powered vehicles, we don’t all stand in front of planned parenthood, it’s different.

  34. You know, I have lost countless girls because I won't shout them everything. Every fucking time I bring this up, I get told that it's normal for blokes to pay for everything. I'm happy being single, getting laid was for 19yrold me, not adult me. Every time this convo ends, it ends with me feeling guilty and that's exactly when I realise that this isn't gonna work out. They always say shit like "you have investments, why wouldn't you want to invest in me?" And i always tell them this: "investments are a gamble, at any sign of downturn, get the fuck out and wait for another chance". Pretty much kills the relationship but hey, if your gonna want my petty cash for food and clothes, fine. But you're also going to have to deal with a fuck load of nopes and winging when I have to say no to holidays and shit because I spent all my cash on flowers and cocktails...

  35. Just pay for an escort man wtf sex workers are discreet and leave after you pay them. It’s even legal in Nevada. Then get back to living your awesome life without the social contract you have to keep up with when it comes to someone you’re dating

  36. Obviously we still need NATO, because Russia is still doing Russia things. It's politics, so of course there's corruption. There are ways to fix it, but the alternative to NATO is basically open hunting season.

  37. I think the 80 years since world war 2 can be more attributed to the global trade alliances born from US Navy secured trade routes. Before that every empire built and maintained their war machines in house. Russia forgot where the chips for their missiles come from and the turbines to pump their gas. Dumbasses.

  38. The us and NATO enable Boris Yeltsin who killed any hope of Russian democracy and eventually led to Putin which lead to a rise in rationalism which cause the Ukraine war. A European base defense pact would be good enough, the us doesn't need to fuck with forgein countries and dictate how they operate their government and spend their money. Also Russia is not much of a threat as long as there is some kind of common agreement between European countries

  39. Europe is weak and the East smells it. They’ve become too civilized and soft with no appetite for putting rogue regimes in their place as long as a wealthier nation will subsidize their security.

  40. They have all the creeps after them so they have more of a guard up. If women don’t put themselves in a position to be hit on then it is unlikely to happen. Like if you’re with a group of beautiful friends, or you are in a rush, or you avoid eye contact with everyone, or you have not cracked a single smile even talking to friendly people, a man is less likely to try because rejection is painful and those things increase the chance of rejection.

  41. Tbh he didn't offer to go down on me because he doesn't usually do that. He doesn't usually ask me if I want something in situations like this.

  42. So you want no room for correction? How will people learn from their actions?? One chance to do the right thing every time sounds like eventually everyone will fuck up

  43. Yes I too will someday get caught on my 100th cocaine re-up, cocaine that ruins lives, and subsequently make a speedy getaway attempt while giving zero fucks who I kill or maim with my car. It’s hard to feel bad at all but I don’t think he deserves death

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