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  • By - A5ula

  1. Same. I really do feel like I have nothing and no one

  2. This is a sad answer but my cat. Just put her down 30 minutes ago :( she was very old and was suffering but damn I miss her so much already

  3. I miss my cat also 🥺

  4. Let’s say It has a 5 minute timer till next use lol

  5. Ohhh shit I didn’t even think of that

  6. My favorite trolling is still when my teammates are splitting up the loot after Vybor and I say "oh here I got you (whatever ammo they needed) for your gun" and I drop it in an unpinned flashbang at the same time lol

  7. He smoked your ass and that’s why you clipped the video where you did 🤣

  8. No one driving you from jenson to Miami for 20$ bro

  9. Yea we’ll someone did give me a ride so suck my cock loser

  10. I’m the loser with no car? 🤣 enjoy the show bro

  11. Ye next time I’ll just take my car on a fuxking plane with me

  12. What’d I do to you? Huh punk!

  13. Can I come over so you can make me a nice yummy dinner

  14. Yea it just makes the most sense

  15. Probably the people who dashed but because they dashed they can’t pay but if they dashed then went back in they pay because they changed their mind and wanted to pay

  16. Just become an actor so you can get one

  17. Is there really no place where one can go and get a tattoo that is not fully permanent. I wanted a sleeve tattoo

  18. This one time I was doing this thing and it was horrible because When I was doing the thing this horrible thing happened to me

  19. make it illegal for fat people to workout

  20. No your stupid mother fucker. After the pool why before that makes no sense

  21. Hmm probably social security number. What’s your social security number so I can’t play it

  22. Couldt tell ya I’ve never been attractive

  23. Idk cause I grew up with both loser

  24. Probably the game where I can’t kill people and fuck hookers

  25. I managed by managing my managers management

  26. Because it was my fault so because it’s my fault it’s my fault

  27. It’s north not south

  28. The fact that I don’t give a shit

  29. Because software engineers have large cocks

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