Game over. Kanye goes full Mask off

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  1. Based nation standing upto a bunch of bullies

  2. Religion of "peace" strikes again

  3. The rate at which kanye is going he might be reppin the kkk hoodie real soon

  4. Pata chal jaye toh mereko bhi batana internship aagaya pata nahi

  5. Most guys don't really care so don't worry about it

  6. Muslims preaching abt their religion being peaceful and all is so freaking weird , man your religion has all these fucking rules , praying 5 times a day , no drinking, no dancing, no singing all these fucking restrictions on clothing can't love freely can't live freely can't speak freely

  7. My school was dps rkpuram and i have friends from mathura road trust me rkp is it lol

  8. Dps mathura road ffs , Rkpuram my alma mater is superior 😤

  9. Financialy to koi problem nahi hai or abhi DU open se kar raha hu wo bhi bss degree mil jaye isliye baki 0 intrest hai mera padhai me

  10. Bhai kiska interest hota padhai but life mai kuch toh karna hi hai koi aur tareeka toh hai nahi , college mai padh na padh pass ho hi jaate kisi tarah se

  11. 87% , Mbbs done aiming for md psychiatry

  12. I always said and preached Gozen was the best GC team hut you muricans just couldn't let their copium go

  13. India for sure is Homophobic no doubt about it , but to blame the failure of his movies on it is meh seems like excuses to me

  14. Stop wasting your time gaming and start studying bro wtf are you doing with your life , only the pros get some bucks or grow super rich and they too don't dive in without a degree or something to fall back to , don't be an idiot study and make something of your life

  15. Makes sense , daph and him on the same org now they can actually film content together for sentinels and we all know that amount of chaotic energy we love xD

  16. The roster announcement was so fucking creative xD , also man just win at this point if you can't with this roster then we ain't ever winning

  17. Derke , fucking beast of an awper plus such a cool personality outside the game

  18. Redditors gotta declare everyone and everything as top 5 every week come on stop hyping ppl up when they've got no Achievements to back that up

  19. EG is everything that Riot is looking for, minus the clout. They're stable, rich, have a long legacy in esports, are one of the few organizations that have a history of successfully developing local talent, and you can count on them to almost never get into any scandals.

  20. They got everything but fans lmaooo , probably can count all the EG fans on my fingertips

  21. See the food on your plate , thank a farmer like seriously bruh this sub going R mode nowadays

  22. Sign Shroud, Tarik, xQc, Himself and Tyler1. With Ibai, Lirik and Sodapoppin as coaches. Make the most clouted roster ever. Sentinels won't stand a chance

  23. Make Kai cenat as General manager and Ishowspeed as Brand ambassador

  24. Anywhere in Middle east , i don't like their treatment of women and minorities

  25. Abe chutiye , thoda research karlo itna anti Ukraine sab kyu ho rakhe right wingers ke chode , the women weren't indian they are gypsies a race which is widely hated in Europe bcoz they are a bunch of thieves and murderers

  26. Yes and it’s disgusting and broken. They should make Talon E cost mana and have it decrease with rank.

  27. Wtf dude you gonna drive an already oppressed champ down the fucking gutters

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