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  1. It is truly wonderful! Always welcome the paranormal into your life!

  2. It's fine if you think it's actually possible

  3. Good lad! Well done! Fidel Castro was supposed to have done 30,000+ women over the course of his life. Will Chamberlain (a Harlem Globetrotter) said he'd done over 20,000. Still, 1400 is a step in the right direction. God bless and God speed onto the next 1400.

  4. God bless her. May she prosper in everything she does.

  5. Go for it. I have been using a double-click macro to sell items for over a year. It is far less painful than the standard way, though they should implement a multi-item sell function.

  6. Thanks. This seems to be about listening on a Bt device but I'm looking for one that toggles the mic.

  7. I think it's power button + volume down button but just know that if you factory reset your phone, all your data is gone

  8. Not a big deal for me. I don't have major data on it.

  9. Few people realise that Switzerland began to open up as a society and country only around 1990. They are now quite liberal and becoming more open with time.

  10. There's no zipline: it's like a train of sorts. It should be unless Covid restrictions have put things on hold.

  11. Yeah, there are some serious coins (I don't call them "altcoins" because Bitcoin is not my baseline) or coins with serious potential out there and Cardano is surely one of them. In fact, it is very likely that it will be hugely successful over the mid-term. It's a bit like the early days of e-com right now and there will be all kinds of shakeups/concerns for a while but it will get better.

  12. Agreed! What would be other projects you view this way? If you don’t mind me asking, just curious.

  13. BAT (Basic Attention Token) is one. Linked to the Brave web browser (which I highly recommend since I use it). You can earn BATs by reading content on Brave. CumRocket (or Cummies) is another -- that seems to be the leading coin for the adult entertainment industry.

  14. Upto 100 is affordable I guess.

  15. If you're looking for a Thai Massage, then there are a couple of places in the Liberty Square area that range from GEL 40-60 per hour (stroll around the Ivane Machiabeli and Lado Asatiani Streets).

  16. I'm looking at their website but I'm not entirely convinced by his claims. Try their free subliminals and if they work then move on to the others.

  17. Yeah, it is. Don't matter whether I agree or not: still is.

  18. Are you a fluent or native speaker of English?

  19. Only if you bring in your food along; I expect you to pay for membership using khinkali and khachapuri

  20. Don't forget Ojakhuri, Chakhapuli, Shkmeruli, Bazhe and Ghomi etc.

  21. Personal life should not be within the scope of the legislation or social order.

  22. Marriage is beyond personal life An orgy is personal life, what I consider parents of my kids are social matter, the people I consider rightful for sharing life insurance is social matter, tax are social matter, even the option of turning off the equipment is guaranteed by marriage

  23. Those benefits can be overturned at any time or extended to the unmarried in different ways. To me, what matters is what I want and society is useful until I render it useless and dispensable. The ultimate goal of an individual is to not need or want anyone or anything else.

  24. Yes, fears and wants manifest in perfect correspondence to the degree they are present in your consciousness. It is the consciousness that is reality--literally.

  25. That's really its biggest PLUS: the ease of access and flexibility. Pay rates are okay for those living in lower-cost countries.

  26. Only dedicated and committed missionaries like her will obtain any true converts and keep them Christian.

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